health problems caused by pimple

About health problems caused by boils

Boils are actually a collection of suppurative fluid under the skin. It is painful, swelling and hyperemia and pilo-sebaceous complex due to infection. Infectious bacteria responsible for the entire process are those that participate and subsequent formation of an abscess (pocket of pus). Boil their large size and can become very painful.Localizations of boils favorite beard-growing areas are subjected to mechanical stress (friction) High: face, neck, armpits, chest, groin, buttock area.


Home Treatment
Home treatment has good results if you follow certain principles, and if treatment is carried out as indicated specialists. Thus, patients are advised:

  • Do not scratch, do not sting boil: such attacks do nothing to push deep into the skin pus
  • To clean the area frequently, preferably 2 times / day with antibacterial soap and water, then dries the spot
  • Apply warm compresses on the boil: we recommend keeping them for 20-30 minutes with repeated application 3-4 times / day. Such measures should apply as soon as the boil begins to develop. Heat and moisture may favor local fistulization and draining pus, but healing itself will take 5-7 days.
  • To continue to apply such compresses even after boil fistulizeaza (recommended period is 3 days). The wound can be covered with a bandage so fluid drainage does not extend to the surrounding skin. The bandage should be changed daily, otherwise additional infected wound.

If you boil the fistulizing spontaneously be allowed to drain all the fluid collection. The patient in this situation can help the natural healing process by keeping the area clean – the cleaning 2 times / day with warm water and soap (or any other disinfectant).

Specialized treatment
Specialized treatment is a surgical treatment. The doctor will perform under local anesthesia, an incision – preferably using an electric scalpel for optimal control of hemostasis, which will drain purulent collection. Also, it will take off and surrounding tissue until healthy tissue is reached. Then apply an antiseptic dressing.
If the patient’s doctor prescribes an antibiotic, it is advised that you take it as recommended in doses and at specified time intervals. Antibiotics should be taken at least 7 days, whether it improves health over time and symptoms resolve.

Expert advice
Patients are advised to call the doctor in the following situations:

  • If the boil is located on the front, spine or perianal route
  • If you boil rapidly increases its size (and especially if it comes as a ping-pong)
  • If there are other collections or painful lumps near the boil
  • If the pain is atrocious
  • If fever or chills
  • If the tegument around the boil is excessively developed erythematous or reddish streaks
  • If there is a background pathology of diabetes type
  • If symptoms do not improve within 5 to 7 days of treatment at home properly conducted
  • If there are recurrent boils.

If the patient is experiencing boils which tend to occur in approximately the same area of ​​skin, experts recommend as a place that should be cleaned thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water every day. The area should be thoroughly dried. Wearing tight clothing in the area is contraindicated.
If there are multiple boils, your doctor may prescribe a patient or another type of cream ointment applied intranasally (in order to eliminate certain bacteria that develop on the nasal mucosa and hence can colonize the skin, triggering local infection). The patient may be advised to undergo antibiotic treatment longer than normal to prevent recurrent infections.

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