About health problems that cause cracking nail

About health problems that cause cracking nail

About health problems that cause cracking nail. Origin cracked nail sits in a number of causes that led to the deterioration of their appearance and texture that have a well established role for health. Nails protect the tissues, so that it acts as a window to our overall wellbeing.
Nails are made ​​of keratin, a protein found in skin or hair growing 2-3 mm per month (the fingers of the hand) and 1 millimeter per month (on toes). Cracking nails and all other matters that may occur at this level may be a sign of installation of certain diseases, such as liver, lung and heart.

Common causes of damage nails

Joint diseases
In general , arthritis is regarded as a specific disease and old age characterized by joint pain . This is actually just osteoarthritis, one of over 100 types of arthritis. Many forms of arthritis cause cracking nails and other important changes at this level, which serve as an indicator for detecting undiagnosed disease .

  • Osteoarthritis . If these diseases, selenium deficiency causes thinning and cracking nails, symptoms observed in most sufferers of osteoarthritis .
  • Psoriasis . Yellow nails and flaky ( looks scratched their surface ) , which can present and red dots formed under the nail , specific external symptoms of psoriatic arthritis.
  • Lupus . When your skin from the nail base bulge is a possible sign of connective tissue disease generally lupus .
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis . When the curvature of the nail bed turns red , rheumatoid arthritis symptom may indicate installation .
  • Kawasaki syndrome . One of the symptoms of Kawasaki syndrome is damaging nails and hair .

Nutritional deficiencies
Healthy food choices , such as omega-3 fatty acids , lean protein and iron , helps maintain healthy nails, hair and skin . For this reason , the nails may indicate a number of nutritional deficiencies such as iron deficiency , biotin and protein.
Nails pale , whitish , may indicate anemia. In case of severe deficiencies , even nails can change shape, becoming very thin and concave with raised edges vertical .

Thyroid diseases
Although hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are usually associated with loss and weight gain , doctors believe there is a connection between thyroid disease and changes in the nails.
This onycholysis , a condition that occurs with hyperthyroidism , makes hand finger nails – often the ring finger or little finger – to detach from the nail bed or the top or the sides . Dirty easily get under the nail can lead to bacterial and fungal infections , so specialized medical care is always needed .
Concave nails that seem hollow , are often a symptom of hypothyroidism .

Cardiovascular disease
Other causes widespread occurrence of cracking nails and other changes at this level are cardiovascular disease . Items that appear on the nail bed bleeding can be a sign of heart valve infections . Even if it looks like little chips permeated under fingernails , are actually drawn blood lines .
CHD can lead to softening of the nails and the appearance of waves , becoming wider and rounder than normal . Additional signs indicating cardiovascular problems are concave and the pale nails or a shade of purple – blue.

Stress and anxiety
Persistent state of stress and anxiety leading to an unhealthy habit , that of nail-biting . This problem occurs in the population of all ages and quickly turns into a tic difficult to control.
Nail biting does not cause permanent ailments , but gives hands unkempt appearance , while increasing the susceptibility to infection of the nail and mouth . Effective management of stress, well-designed maintenance manicure or nail polish application with bad taste ( specially designed to combat unhealthy habit ) are ways you can avoid nail biting permanently .

Yellow nails that have not undergone this transformation shade because continued application of nail polish can be a warning sign of diabetes. This chronic disease causes the change of color of the nail through the connection of glucose with proteins collagen nails. Yellow nails , with constant thirst and urination persistent feeling , are sufficient reasons for performing a set of tests for diabetes .

Lung problems
Bruised toenails , especially in combination with the lips bluish tinge may indicate the development of related disorders insufficient oxygenation of the body, such as

  • Low level of hemoglobin ;
  • Asthma ;
  • Emphysema ;
  • Chronic bronchitis ;
  • Pneumonia ;

Besides lung problems , bruised toenails are a common symptom of heart disease , which usually occurs when the disease worsens . For this reason , emergency medical intervention is necessary in this case !

Cracking nails and other changes at this level can be due to various injuries through accidents like catching the finger in the door or a heavy object landing directly on the nail . Mild trauma to the nail can cause small white spots on the nail , harmless and do not require treatment.
Serious injuries can cause breakage or cracking nail appearance points / dark lines on the nail bed , nail detachment or bleeding points.
Also, nail damage is possible by the process of manicure and pedicure often perform . Nail polish and acetone dehydrates nails and nail file can lead to peeling them.

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