Recommended food after appendicitis surgery

Recommended food after appendicitis surgery

Food after appendicitis surgery

Recommended food after appendicitis surgery. 

Appendicitis surgery is the surgery for remove the Appendix. When trigger appendicitis, the appendix swells and fills with pus. Surgery to remove the appendix is the most common form of treatment.

Together with the advice surgeon will give the patient after appendectomy, accelerearea diet can help healing and recovery.

Food after appendicitis surgery.

Clear soups

In the first hours after appendicitis surgery the patient may not want to eat anything but eating small amounts of food can help speed up the recovery process. Clear soups can be eaten safely without causing vomiting or nausea, contributing to increased appetite. They will be sorbite slowly, with pauses.

YogurtRecommended food after appendicitis surgery

After appendectomy doctor will recommend eating soft and easy to digest. Yogurt fall among them contain useful proteins to stimulate healing. At first, there will be a few tablespoons of yogurt sufficient to ensure that the body will be able to digest it. It will gradually increase the amount of yogurt, if the stomach does not reject it. Indicated yogurt without sugar because it is easier to digest than containing sugar.


Pumpkin is an easily digested food can contribute to faster healing of wounds resulting from surgery. It also is a source of vitamin A or beta-carotene which encourages healing. Well cooked pumpkin puree or as may be added to the diet shortly after the surgery.
Other food sources of beta-carotene are carrots and green leafy vegetables. However, carrots have cooked very well and should not be consumed in large quantities after appendectomy easy to be digested by the body.

Recovery food after appendicitis surgery

Recovery period after appendicitis surgery can take up to several weeks. During this time, your doctor may recommend:

  • Avoid strenuous activities – If laparoscopic appendectomy was done, it will limit the period of intense activity at least five days after surgery. If surgery was opened will be limited activity period between 10-14 days after surgery. Ask your doctor to advise you when you can return to normal activity.
  • Supporting the abdomen then cough – abdominal pain may occur when you cough, laugh or make other similar movements. It will place a pillow over abdomnen and will apply gentle pressure before making these moves.
  • Contact your doctor if Prozac does not take effect. Pain involves additional stress on the body and slows the healing process.
  • Resume daily activities only when you feel ready – start slowly and gradually increase the pace of activity, with short walks.
  • Rest and sleep when you feel tired – as the body heals might you feel more sleepy than usual. Rest when you feel the need.

Seek medical advice on returning to school or work. Children can return to school about a week after appendectomy, although in their case should be reduced or avoided sports activities (or intense) for one month after surgery.

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Food after appendicitis surgery 

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