If you have crooked teeth, if the teeth do not overlap when bitten food, there is a wide range of treatments (with braces fixed or mobile) that help to straighten teeth. Ask your dentist to recommend the right solution for you.Your doctor will ask questions about your health, will perform a physical examination, assess the state of health of the teeth and will make X-rays of the teeth and mouth. An appropriate treatment plan will be based on all the data collected.
Some people can have healthy teeth, but in other cases you may need surgery. However, in most cases, will be needed braces.

Types of braces
If you find it necessary orthodontist braces, will recommend one right for you. Corrective braces can be fixed or removable, made of wire or metal bands.
In general, there are four types of braces:

  • Braces with brackets – Made of stainless steel, tooth-colored ceramic or plastic, these devices require networking through braketiilor, an arc in front of each tooth. Plastic or ceramic braces are preferred mostly for cosmetic reasons. Plastic braces, though it may discolor the end of treatment. A disadvantage of ceramic or plastic brackets is that it causes increased friction between them and nature, which may increase during treatment.
  • Braces lingually with braces – These braces include brackets that attach to the back of the teeth, and the arc can not be seen.
  • Traditional Instruments – These are generally old. Refers to the use of springs attached to a metal bracket that surrounds each tooth.
  • New miniaparate – are smaller than traditional braces may be an option for some people. Your doctor will present information about different types of braces and give you the best option for you.

There is no age limit for braces
Most people when they think of braces, believes they are recommended especially teenagers. As long as the gums and teeth are healthy, any person can focus their teeth, regardless of age. The most important is the health of the gums and jaw bone.
If your gums have limited or lose bone mass braces are not recommended because the pressure on the gums may cause adverse complications.
Why some people choose to wear braces in adulthood? Because when they were children, their families could not afford to pay a braces. At maturity, want to smile and to beautify imbuntateasca dental health.
Some adults had braces when they were children or teenagers, but they wear. In some cases, teeth may become even more crooked, and in others, over time, may be needed jaw surgery and then wearing braces.
The cost of braces varies depending on its type and the materials from which it is made​​.

A proper bite is as important as the beauty and strength of teeth
Many people believe that only contributes braces straighten teeth. It does more than that. Orthodontist will consider during the consultation if teeth are straight, if they fulfill the role, if there is pain in the jaw or teeth if your gums are healthy, if you have trouble breathing or speech.
One of the most important things that your doctor will evaluate you is correct bite. More specifically it is about the way teeth come together when you open and close your mouth. What use if teeth are beautiful and hardy, if you can not eat or speak properly or even have headaches?

Types of braces are not as important as you think
Not everyone is an ideal candidate for invisible braces. Most adults braces hoped to be less visible. However, only one percent of them are suitable for plastic braces. The reason is that some types of treatments have not so good after applying invisible braces.
Equally good are also traditional braces. Be aware that not all are made of metal. There are plastic or ceramic braces of various colors, which acts as well as metal devices. Do you trust your orthodontist recommendations.
Technical and specialist experience are more important than color or pattern braces. Of course, there are advantages from using braces us because they could be smaller and less visible. But all this does not make them more effective than other types of braces.
Another thing you should consider is special preparation for orthodontic braces. Must be trained orthodontist including braces producing company before using them optimally for its patients.
The conclusion is that we should not get hung up on one type of braces or a single type of treatment. Trust your orthodontic experience.

What is the wearing of a dental appliance?
Time required to wear a braces varies from person to person depending on the severity of the problem, distance between teeth, the health of teeth and gums, and supporting bone and how much the patient follow the instructions.
A dental appliance can be stored between 1-3 years. After its removal, will wearing retainers devices (devices ortodentice individual) only during sleep for 6 months.

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