Calf implants

The legs are the most admired parts of a woman’s body. There are few stars from abroad who have provided large sums of money on this part of the body. Even though Mother Nature has been very generous to you in this regard, not to worry, everything can be solved by a simple surgery.
Compared to other parts of the body, not so visible, legs eyes are frequently exposed to others, especially in summer. Desire to have attractive legs as he urges women, and not only seek perfection.
If too thick, liposuction can shape to thinning, but more interesting is when their line is right or too far apart (“bandy legs”) and have to be contoured shape. Retouching leg shape can be achieved either by implants or injections of fat by itself or substances such as hyaluronic acid.

How to have perfect feet?
Calf implant shape is elongated, like a cigar (cigar) and their surface is smooth compared to the breasts which is recommended to be textured to reduce the risk of travel.
If the calf implants, just because the shape of specific risk twist / spin is zero. These coating containing silicone and silicone cohesive gel.
Implant size may vary depending on the clinical situation. These can be applied over the muscle or under the muscle. Incision is made behind the knee, while becoming almost invisible. Surgery is one nesangeranda, the intervention being made with Ellman radioplasma which which ensures faster healing. using these techniques, implants are protected subcutaneous tissue or muscle fibers, producing a natural, comfortable and pleasant results.
After operation, apply a bandage – maintenance corset, which exert a slight pressure on the legs to help them shape. Indicated that in the first month to avoid high heels and sports shoes.
In the first days after surgery may occur mild swelling of legs and ankles, which can be treated with common painkillers, but gradually in less than two weeks the discomfort disappears. Showering can be used within 3-4 days after surgery. Normal activities (going to the office, driving the car) can be resumed after 7-10 days and 6-8 weeks after sports.

Why not implant and own fat injection or hyaluronic acid?
Own fat injection involves first harvesting from other areas of the body, where it exists in excess, then the preparation with special solutions and centrifuging the device, because in the end to follow injection. Of fat injected into calves, 50% is absorbed in more than two years. Of course there are variations of these numbers from one patient to another.
Another ingredient is hyaluronic acid. The problem that occurs here is that for an outline of calves, pote price be equal to the implant and is reabsorbed in half a year!
That said, the implants remain only acceptable solution as the longest lasting and effective. Although surgery as the rarest and least painful breasts, the results are more stable.
Anatomical area that is not Free calf implants put pressure on them, elongated rotation preventing the risk of implant displacement.

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