Men cancer symptoms that should not be ignored

Men cancer symptoms

Recognition of the main symptoms of cancer early detection means infinitely greater chance of illness and healing.

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Mobile phones can cause cancer?

Mobile phones can cause cancer

Mobile phones have been associated in recent years with increased risk of brain cancer or cancer installation throat, without being brought up now conclusive evidence in this regard.

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What is cancer? Causes, stages and symptoms of cancer.

To begin an evaluation of a cancer we need more information on this condition :

  • The causes of its occurrence
  • The stage of the disease was
  • Prognostic factors.

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How to prevent the occurrence of cancer

We live in a world where the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat can be factors that could contribute to the onset of various cancers. We are inevitably exposed to many potentially carcinogenic substances while we perform our daily activities.

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Hidden causes of cancer

Hidden causes of cancer!

Many of the hidden causes of cancer and surprising part of the wide range of factors that contribute to the development of cancer cells, from the genetic to the environment.

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