Secrets to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile

If you take care of your teeth avoid many health problems are related to poor oral hygiene. Experts point out that just using toothbrush fail to destroy than 25% of cohabiting bacteria in the mouth. So we add a saving solution: dental floss you need to use it once a day, after brushing performed properly.

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How to easily monitor how many calories you consume each day

Counting calories to control daily caloric intake is a safe weight loss strategy, but seems at first sight a difficult process that many people do not dare to start it.

Caloric intake remains very important in the approach to eliminate excess weight, and when you learn to appreciate it properly, you significantly increase your chances to qualify for the maximum number of calories that is compatible with the intended purpose of losing weight.

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Infiltration with ozone – ozone therapy

Infiltration with ozone - ozone therapy

Infiltration ozone, also called ozone therapy or ozone therapy, is a form of alternative treatment in order to increase the amount of oxygen in the body by introducing ozone inside the body.

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How to use sun lotion properly

How to use sun lotion properly. The correct use of solar lotion is the only way you can protect yourself from the danger of premature skin aging and the risk of developing skin cancer.

Dermatologists say there are many patients who do not know how to use this product properly care and decreasing its effectiveness and thus putting their health at risk skin.
Even the quality sunscreen lotion may not serve their purpose, when applied randomly.

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