Dangers of medicinal products at home

If you have children you probably checked that there are no potential danger to them, to move or to block access to cleaning products, for example. However, it is quite easy to omit something that a child would find attractive.
Windshield washer fluid in the garage might seem like child with a cup of liquid blue fruit. Red Drugs may be associated with a child with candy.
No home can not take measures to protect your family at 100%, but you can take measures to protect them loved ones of the biggest threats in your home. You should be able to anticipate what would ptuea do children. They are smart, fast and love to imitate their parents.

What could be the greatest dangers in the house?
The most dangerous would probably be drugs. Parents do not always sit far enough away from children, drugs. They often are in easy open cans or where children have access fairly easy. Even if medicines are considered safe for children, the problem may be too large dose.
Everything can be toxic if the dose is appropriate, including some vitamins (such as iron, for example). Personal care products are another danger to children. The most damaging are those that contain alcohol. Children may suffer poisoning if drinking mouthwash adults. They often see their parents as mouth rinse their mouth with water and try to imitate only that, most often swallow instead of spit. Then there are pesticides that are dangerous if swallowed or if they come to the skin. It is important to understand that these products are designed to kill organisms.

Hydrocarbons such as gasoline, kerosene, light oil and kerosene liquid could become cause for concern. Although they pass through the digestive system without causing too much damage, they can reach the lungs, causing a serious condition called aspiration pneumonia when he swallowed baby vomit and debris are aspirated into the lungs emesis.
Dish detergents, toilet bowl cleaners, etc.. can cause immediate damage. Prevent the possibility of poisoning at home will be done by keeping cleaning products and other chemicals in their original containers and stored in tightly closed recipinte and cabinets or on shelves. Tighten containers with closures to protect children after using a drug.
If you must use a pesticide or cleaning product, keep it in a well ventilated area and follow label instructions. If specified a warning, give them the necessary attention. Do not do drugs and excessive use only the quantity you need and that recommended by the doctor.

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