Dark circles

Dark circles, the causes and how to prevent them

It is difficult to be tired and you can not rest. Fatigue is visible on the face of your own, this means that appeared dark circles and discomfort is greater default. Dark areas under the eyes are often associated with lack of sleep. However, insomnia is not the only cause of dark circles and there may be several causes for the formation of dark circles around the eyes.
Depending on the cause, there are different ways to fade dark circles.

Softening ways depending on their causes dark circles

Insufficient rest. There is a myth: if you do not rest enough, you will have dark circles. Sleepless nights will increase over time circles. This is because lack of sleep cause dilation of blood vessels under the skin around the eyes. Thus, color in this area will be darker. Sometimes, fatigue, and fluid retention portion can contribute to swelling under the lower eyelid.
To treat dark circles caused by lack of sleep, experts suggest local application of fabric bags soaked in cold tea. Keep skin sachets seconds. No matter the type of tea – tannic acid in tea leaves is one that encourages the withdrawal of part of the fluid in the skin under the eyes and cause constriction of blood vessels. Of course, the most effective way to treat dark circles caused by lack of sleep is to sleep more.

Skin pigmentation. People with darker skin, such as those of Mediterranean origin, tend to be darker and more prominent dark circles under their eyes because they have more melanin in epithelial tissue.
To remedy this problem, various treatments can be used at home. Home treatments include applying eye creams that contain reflective particles, which camouflages the darker color around the eyes. In addition, dark circles caused by pigmentation can be improved by using prescription creams such as those containing hirochinona.

Poor diet. Healthy eating habits and consumption of enough water can make you look better, including around the eyes. No need to increase intake of a vitamin or a mineral to fade dark circles. Simply follow a balanced eating plan that includes all kinds of vitamins and minerals you moisturize properly – adults need 8-12 glasses of water a day to be hydrated enough.

Age. As they age, people can lose facial skin volume. This causes wrinkles and dark circles. Older people do not have the same fat cheeks skin, which causes sagging skin even under eye area.
Dark circles caused by aging can be treated with a dermal filler to add volume to facial skin. This substance is injected into the affected area of aging and the procedure will be done only in a medical practice by medical professionals in this field. If you opt for this surgery, you should know that it will be necessary to repeat treatment to maintain the desired effect.
Understanding the causes that cause dark circles is the first step to look and feel good. Only then you can get the treatment you need.

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