Factors that alter blood pressure

Factors that alter blood pressure

Factors that alter blood pressure. Blood circulation owe a pressure difference between the arterial system and the venous system.

The pressure difference is generated by the pumping action of the blood in the aorta and large arteries, made ​​by the contraction of the heart ventricle.

This action is known, in a broad sense, and the blood pressure. High blood pressure increases or decreases according to ingest nutrients provided by the work that we perform and the nature of the events we are experiencing.

Diet, important for blood pressure within normal limits

Certain foods increase blood pressure (hypertensive effect), while others have the opposite effect, hypotensive. For example, fried dishes, coffee, caffeine, fatty foods and alcohol increases blood pressure and sour or fresh fruits, cereals, dairy, fish and vegetables for a fall.

People who are above or below normal values ​​of blood pressure may follow a certain diet to help regulate blood. Normal blood pressure values ​​are considered to be within the range of 90 mmHg and 140 mmHg. Note, however, it is important that the diet be adopted following the recommendation of a specialist and be based on healthy foods.

Certain exercises may decrease or increase blood

Exercise or other activities that require more muscles increases blood pressure, as in the case of exercise stronger heart pumps more blood to the muscles. Some activities but can cause low blood pressure, say recent research.

A walk in the normal rhythm is one of them. The program consists of exercises tailored to each person is another way to regulate blood pressure.

The feelings of the day and sleep affect blood

Strong emotions caused by events unpleasant, dangerous, scare or moments of extreme joy also raise blood pressure levels. Stress also raise blood pressure. Instead, a deep, quality, put the body in a dormant including lowering blood pressure. In addition, certain parts of the brain that controls sleep state are involved in the secretion of hormones and other factors that influence blood pressure.

Some of the factors mentioned before influencing blood pressure temporarily, but others cause long-term changes and can lead to heart disease. Hypertension is one of the most common ailments currently and has global expansion.

If you do not pay attention to this aspect consequences can be serious. Stroke, heart attack and kidney damage, brain or eyes are some of the serious problems that can be avoided by controlling blood pressure.

In addition to proper nutrition, restful sleep and adequate exercise to help the body regulate blood pressure and supplements can be used.

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