Fruit detox diet

In the fruit detox diet the body, you eat only fruits and vegetables and drink only water for three days. Although diet is known that a diet that can lose weight, diet negative points seem to outnumber the good side of it.
Fruit detox diet was designed by a nutritionist in order to detoxify the body and weight loss. This detox plan claims to help people lose weight even nine pounds in three days. Those who say it promotes regime is a good way to switch to a healthy diet that start with these 3 days that will eat only vegetables, fruits and water.fruit detox diet2

Fruit detox diet is a type of detox drastically, lasting three days in which:

  •    drink at least 12 glasses of filtered water each day and avoid other baths, including teas, juices and coffee
  •    will eat any fresh fruit (no fruit frozen, dried or canned), preferably organic
  •    will eat salads for dinner – all without foods containing starch – preferably organic vegetables
  •    will not exercise
  •    may consume additional protein drinks.

The strength of fruit detox diet is that people are encouraged to eat fruits and vegetables, which are an essential part of a healthy eating plan. Fruits and vegetables are considered by everyone as the healthiest foods. People who consume adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables are healthier and have a normal weight.
Some nutritionists say that there is no scientific evidence to support the detox diet fruit is better than any detox diet. They say that there is no reason why people should follow this diet or only for three days. Other nutritionists say that people should constantly increase the fiber in their diet.
Deficiencies of nutrients. Some nutrition experts agree detox diet fruit because it fails to incorporate some protein. However, restrictions in the diet limits intake of many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body needs. Diet Limit consumption of calcium, vitamin D, Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins B complex
Too few calories. According to nutritionists, diet deprives the body of energy, due to the extremely low calorie intake. They say that most people who followed the diet felt weak during the three days of dieting.
Weight loss is only temporary. Experts say most of the weight lost through diet is mostly water with some muscle tissue. They believe that diet is a temporary solution.
In fact, people can not live with such a diet plan. Therefore, you must consider that rapid detox diet is nothing but a quick solution to lose weight and those extra pounds often return in even greater numbers, will resume immediately after the diet.fruit detox diet3

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