How effective are antibacterial gels?

Viruses can strike anytime, but especially in winter, when flu and colds are more common. Norovirus causes intestinal diseases are often cause outbreaks in schools or hospitals.
What are the best ways to avoid infection? Thorough washing of the hands is the main way to avoid infection. However, when hand washing is not possible, hygiene experts recommend using antibacterial gels. Following are some information about the effectiveness of these gels and the hub to use.

Effective antibacterial gels
Although recent studies have found that hospital staff that used in preference rather antibacterial hand washing gels reported a higher incidence of disease outbreaks caused by noroviruses, the results of this study do not change the opinion of experts on the benefits of antibacterial gels more especially when water is not available.

  • What are the active ingredients in antibacterial gel composition?

Hand disinfectants containing a form of alcohol, such as ethyl aloolul as active ingredient. The alcohol acts as an antiseptic. Other ingredients may include water, fragrance and glycerin.

  • What gels can prevent bacterial infections? Alcohol-based antibacterial gels are clearly a very useful and important to prevent bacterial and viral infections, with few exceptions. Antibacterial gels may have a beneficial role in prevention of cold and flu cases. However, experts say antibacterial gels do not work against bacteria clostridium difficile bacterium that can cause inflammation in the colon, which can be potentially fatal.


  • Hand washing is more effective in preventing infections than using antibacterial gels? Both are important. Although primarily recommend using soap and water, even antibacterial gels are important. Hill would be complete bacterial gels, not replace hand washing with soap and water. If norovirus, for instance, the best way to prevent is the enemies washing after using the toilet, changing diapers, and cleaning hands with soap and water before eating and preparing certain foods. Antibacterial gels can be helpful, but is not a substitute for hygiene maintained with water and soap.
  • When antibacterial gels can be used for disease prevention?It is not enough to cover your mouth with your hand when coughing. Although this prevents air circulation germs, droplets containing germs are transmitted as easily by touch. You must wash your hands or use disinfectants antibacterine every time after you cough, sneeze or blow your nose, before touching anyone or any object.

Antibacterial gels can be used to erase areas of your home. When a family member is sick, cleaning should become a routine. Wipe the door knob, switches and eating area that antibacterial gel.

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