How to lose weight naturally with cabbage soup

How to lose weight naturally with cabbage soup

Like many other diets that have appeared over the years, the cabbage soup diet is a diet that decreased or increased in popularity many times over the decades, from the ’50s.
Recently, the diet is in vogue among celebrities worldwide, with the ability to quickly lose weight. However, opinions of experts on the cabbage soup diet are divided some argue that diet is acceptable to everyone, while others claim that the diet deprives the body of a host of important nutrients for its proper functioning.
Cabbage Soup Diet has changed the form and content several times since it was made ​​public.
Cabbage Soup Diet has been published in various forms, in various books and other media. However, regardless of its form, the premise is the same diet will eat cabbage soup at least once a day. This soup is made ​​from vegetable base (tomatoes, onions, peppers, carrots and celery).

Cabbage soup diet for 7 days schedule

Day 1 – It is not allowed to eat anything but fruit (except bananas) and how much cabbage soup diet you can. For example, you can eat for breakfast baked apples with cinnamon, a seafood salad and soup lunch cabbage and cabbage soup and melon salad for dinner. Snack consisting of fruit throughout the day (including frozen fruit). Equally good are berries, grapes and watermelon.
Day 2 – In this day you are allowed to eat only vegetables (except corn and other starchy vegetables). However, you can start the day with a baked potato. Season it with a good quantity of broccoli and tomatoes. At lunch accompanied with salad cabbage soup over which you pour a little olive oil, salt and pepper.
Day 3 – Today you will eat only fruits and vegetables (except bananas, corn and other starchy vegetables). Not allowed to eat or even potatoes. Do not forget to eat plenty of cabbage soup diet.
Day 4 – Today you will eat only bananas and milk / yogurt. Mix the bananas with almond milk, yogurt, rice and cabbage soup diet. It will be a difficult day if you do not agree bananas or dairy.
Day 5 – Eat only tomatoes (6-8 pieces) and proteins such as fish, turkey or chicken. Breakfast consists of cabbage soup that aduauga tomatoes for lunch above grilled meat plus salt, basil and pepper. For dinner, cabbage soup and some meat left over from lunch.
Day 6 – This is the day protein and vegetables. At breakfast you can eat a tossed salad at lunch a small portion of chicken and vegetables, and pasta with tomato sauce tonight and some turkey or chicken.
Day 7 – The last day of the diet on the menu will include only fruits, vegetables and juices. It’s a simple and represents the last day of the diet. The diet involves reducing body weight up to 7 kg. Enjoy the moment!

Pros and cons about the cabbage soup diet

One of the benefits is that cabbage is healthy and within this diet you can eat this vegetable Crucifera without quantitative limitations. Cabbage is low in fat and calories and is high in fiber and antioxidants, such as vitamin C. Therefore, the probability to lose weight following this diet are high.
Among the Cabbage soup diet cons include the fact that it can become boring after a few days because of limited food plan – Cabbage is the only food that can be consumed at your discretion.
Another disadvantage is that the cabbage soup diet is nutritionally speaking, extremely unbalanced. Diet lacks essential nutrients such as protein, calcium and B vitamins Therefore, diet is recommended for a short period of time, as people who follow such a diet long-term nutritional deficiencies may suffer significant .
Another problem is that there are no guidelines for lifestyle change, which means that whoever follows the cabbage soup diet is prone to gain weight immediately after will not follow the diet. In the diet no recommendations for moderate exercise or changes in behavior or habits, so it is very possible to lose weight, but just as likely to gain weight after you return to your plan daily food.
Last but not least, there is a high risk of bloating and gastrointestinal distress. After regular consumption of sprouts you may feel bloated, and in some cases, you can experience stomach problems (diarrhea).

Short and long term effects of the cabbage soup diet

The immediate effect of the cabbage soup diet is weight loss, which is exactly what this diet promises. The problem is that rapid weight loss is then supported because there tips on body weight management or healthy eating later. That means eliminating excess pounds will be followed by an equally rapid increase in weight.
Long-term consequences of the diet can be extremely harmful. If a person follows this type of diet for a long period of time may experience serious health problems. Varazi soup diet is a nutritionally unbalanced, which deprives the body of protein, which can lead to problems of the heart muscle. Low protein intake may worsen cardiovascular conditions and cause the development of arrhythmia, a potentially fatal medical problem.
Adopting this diet, you will probably lose weight. But relevant when the cabbage soup diet is practically part of, perhaps you are not in an advantageous position. Rather opt for a healthy eating plan, which of course will not help you lose weight as fast, but with which you can do this in the longer term and will be more likely to maintain your weight healthy body.

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