How to protect against allergies

How to protect against allergies

Although there are many treatments that include various types of drugs, if you have indeed due to frequent sneezing and disturbing, it’s best to ask your allergist who should recommend a treatment plan individually tailored to each patient. First line treatments allergies involve the use of a combination of oral antihistamine (to be taken especially during the night and in periods when pollen reaches peak periods).
Another alternative would be the use of intranasal corticosteroids, released on prescription, which are designed to relieve the symptoms that cause inflammation in the nasal passages.

For people who experience severe allergies, immunotherapy may be one of the best choices. This type of therapy is the only recognized and recommended by professionals for the treatment of allergies.
Injections containing allergen extracts that are effective especially allergies to dust mites, pollen, cat and dog dander and insect venom, but are less effective in mold and food allergies. Immunotherapy has long term effect.

Cleaning molds
It is recommended to use a HEPA filter that retains and vacuum dust , mold spores and pollen from home in a fairly large proportion .
You can prevent mildew by reducing excessive humidity in the room, using a dehumidifier in basements and bathrooms and cleaning around the house wet leaves .

Aid supplements
When a person inhale allergens trigger inflammation in the nasal passages . There is evidence that vitamin D may reduce inflammation , which is why experts recommend the use of vitamin D daily 600U .
Probiotics help restore a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut and help minimize overreaction of the immune system that can lead to specific symptoms of allergies.

The importance of a proper diet
Mediterranean diet brings the greatest benefits for people suffering from allergies as fruits, vegetables , nuts and remaining food were included in this diet to protect against symptoms.
Foods rich in vitamin C ( broccoli , cabbage , citrus ) and folic acid ( turkey, chicken , lentils , spinach ) are among those recommended in case of allergies.

Test yourself to find out if you have food allergies
Some people suffer from food allergies, which is manifested by the presence of itching of the lips , throat , tongue after eating certain foods .
If you are allergic to pollen , you may be sensitive to carrots , cherries , peaches , plums, almonds, walnuts , and other people could have unpleasant reaction from eating cantaloupe, bananas, strawberries and cucumbers .

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