How we prevent influenza for children?

Influenza epidemics are a constant concern for parents, once winter begins. Influenza viruses cause a potentially severe disease manifested by fever, dry cough, stuffy nose as well as extreme fatigue, muscle aches and headache. When we are dealing with serious illnesses such as influenza, the entire community must be protected.
First, each parent awareness you not to send the sick child in the community. It is very difficult to take such a snap decision in a morning – on the one hand, stress the missing classes at school and, on the other hand, the problem of absence from work for parents. Also, the pressure on teachers to maintain this increased during classroom can contribute to the spread of airborne infections.
Secondly, we need to know what measures to apply to prevent transmission of infectious diseases once children reach school, kindergarten or other community and how we can build a proper education in this respect.

How do I perform preventive education to the children to top

  • Teach them to wash their hands before snack or before entering each classroom using special antiseptic soaps. Secretions from the respiratory tract that can be found on the hands of children are the first to contribute to the spread of infection.

It has been shown that proper hygiene and rigorous scientific community and prevents decreases the incidence of new cases of influenza. A liability should be split between parents and school staff – some schools are already in serious problems spread of infectious diseases in the community and started preventive measures by educating children.

  • Encourage them not to stick their finger in the nose or mouth, the way it is spread over many germs around.
  • Avoid the big cities.
  • Teach children how to properly blow your nose, using disposable handkerchief and immediately throw them in special places.
  • Avoid contact with sick people, no matter how close they may be.
  • Make sure that fresh air enters through ventilation nursery once a day, even in winter.

What can we do to help the body fight various infections?

  • Prevention seasonal influenza immunization is performed by on flu vaccine. It may be children in the community since the beginning of the cold season.
  • In terms of child nutrition, false if not supplement with fresh fruits and vegetables from the body core to the substances needed to fight infections of all kinds. Prescription multivitamin combinations and even some herbal preparations helps to enhance the body’s defense force.
  • Do not forget that during the cool season (which is quite long anyway), children need sports and exercise, keep healthy little ones involving them in outdoor games and sports activities organized.
  • A credible hypothesis regarding the emergence of seasonal influenza is linked to a deficiency of vitamin D. Some researchers have even said that this disease is caused by insufficient amounts of vitamin D in the body.

During the cold season, the sanguine of this vitamin is considerably reduced and shown about an anti-infective poor defense by inefficient synthesis of antibodies. Thus, those with low vitamin D levels however are more likely to not occur naturally aggressive when they encounter microorganisms such as influenza. Experts recommend vitamin D supplementation doses, given to children during the cold season. Make them a diet rich in dairy and grains.
Also, you mentioned and vicious habits of parents that may expose children to a number of diseases. Smoking, for example, altering upper airway dynamics of little children standing around and makes them more vulnerable respiratory infections starting point. And last but not least, children should not ignore stress. If during the quarter and so hard on the shoulders of school children plus parents and pressure, they will have a capacity lower body’s defense when in contact with other sick people.

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