Infiltration with ozone - ozone therapy

Infiltration with ozone – ozone therapy

Infiltration ozone, also called ozone therapy or ozone therapy, is a form of alternative treatment in order to increase the amount of oxygen in the body by introducing ozone inside the body. The benefits of this type of therapy include treatment of several diseases, among which include cancer, AIDS and multiple sclerosis.
Scientific studies have shown that ozone, properly introduced into the body in repeated series inactivates viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and carcinomas in diseased cells.

Infiltration ozone used for years by thousands of doctors in Germany say, in hundreds of scientific and clinical studies, that they can destroy HIV and other viruses, including cancer cells.
When a diseased cell is analyzed in terms of electrochemical, the first thing that distinguishes healthy cells is the protein shell with a different shape. This happens when the cell is invaded by a parasite who steal electricity and cause cell to develop abnormal prosthetic wall. When ozone is introduced into the blood concentrations of stable and accurate, it is immediately transformed hydroperoxides and other beneficial scavengers of free radicals (antioxidants).
There are several methods of introducing ozone into the body, usually through the use of concomitant use with other gases and liquids, targeting different anatomical regions (including the vagina and rectum). The injection may be intramuscular, subcutaneous or intravenous. Ozone can be introduced by autohaemotherapy by which blood is taken from the patient, exposed to ozone and reinjected into the body.

The three main methods of administering ozone are:

  • Autohaemotherapy major. Approximately 50-150 ml of blood are taken from the cubital vein, mixed with the same amount of medical ozone and then reintroduced intravenous infusion. Therapy does not last more than 60 minutes and is aimed especially treating cardiovascular and liver. 
  • Autohaemotherapy minor. About 10-15 ml of blood are taken from the patient, ozone and injected intramuscularly. This therapy is recommended for treating conditions influenza viral infections and skin diseases. 
  • Ozone rectal insufflation. I suppose rectal introduction about a certain amount of humidified gaseous ozone that enters the bloodstream through the intestinal walls. It is recommended that alternative therapy for hepatitis B and C, Crohn’s disease, ulcers, ischemic disease, fistulas, gastritis, chronic colitis, liver cirrhosis, detoxification and prevent premature aging.

Ozone therapy has been proposed as a complementary treatment for a range of ailments and chronic diseases:

Another alternative approach to therapy is the intravenous injection of hydrogen peroxide or its oral administration. Some practitioners recommend administering the substance through a nasal spray or ear drops, while others promote a series of pills oxygen, or mixture of liquid that can be eaten at home.

Ozonotherapy benefits
Since insufficient oxygenation at the cellular level is the main cause of illness, and aging, ozone therapy is based on the premise of improving tissue oxygenation for good health and a flawless beauty.
Ozone-oxygen combination is designed to neutralize toxins in the body to regulate the pH and improve blood circulation. Ozone infiltrations can provide good results when treating cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, fine lines and scars.
Ozone therapy has beneficial effects on the intestinal flora, with many therapeutic properties and intervertebral rheumatologic diseases, osteoarthritis spondyloarthrosis, herniated disc, joint problems and muscle contractures.
Ozone therapy also helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol, prevent viral or bacterial infections, regulating body weight and immune system.

How safe are ozone infiltrations
Medical ozone (triatomic oxygen is specialized term) is safe and non-toxic to humans, as long as it is administered accurately in appropriate conditions. The most important is to use an ozone generator suitable for a clean product, pure and uncontaminated. This is possible only when ozone reaches glass electrodes (never metal or ceramic) as still in the generator. If triamotic oxygen comes in contact with metal, plastic, rubber or other oxidizable materials, subprodusii The decomposition of these materials contaminate ozone.
The process is simple medical ozone generating oxygen gas is transported through an oxygen electrically powered. Electricity oxygen molecules break down and the final product is a mixture of oxygen and ozone.
Infiltration ozone introduced into the bloodstream through the vaginal or rectal insufflation, and by autohaemotherapy, proved to be 100% secure, even when doses exceed the initial set.
Most questions about safety concerns ozonotherapy blood ozonation. It is well known that, when inhaled by mammals, ozone reactions with compounds enter the lung tissue and produces a range of pathological effects. For this reason, some experts say it is possible that medical ozone to produce reactive oxygen species (free radicals) once it gets into the body in large quantities. But ozone doses administered by infiltration are lower than the concentrations that may be toxic.

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