Influence of water on the body, how to lose weight easily

Influence of water on the body, how to lose weight easily

Influence of water on the body, how to lose weight easily. Speeding up metabolism, specifically enhancing fat burning processes is one of the main goals of the people who try to remove the excess of weight. Drinking water is one of the methods promoted stimulate the metabolism, along with other similar solutions. Their effectiveness is, however, a certainty.

Water and its influence on metabolism
There are many weight loss diets that contain , among basic recommendations , increased water consumption in order to obtain optimal results . Water makes up about 60 % of body weight and is essential for maintaining numerous biological functions , from transporting nutrients to cells to maintain moisture soft tissues in the nose , ears or neck.
Since the body did not produce nor store water daily fluid intake is essential for replenishing fluids lost in sweat and urine constantly . Cold water is the best fluid for hydration after physical training , and each person should consume at least 1.5 liters of water daily , except for athletes who need a larger quantity .
A study conducted in 2003 found that cold water can increase metabolic rate itself . Part of this effect is attributed to the fact that the body must work extra to adjust the temperature of the fluid , and this process leads to a higher rate of fat burning .
University of Utah researchers have shown that subjects who drank daily between 8 and 12 glasses full of water had a high metabolic rate , compared to participants who consumed only 4 cups of cold water every day. The conclusion of the experiment was that the cold water can be an effective incentive for metabolic rate .
Apart from the effect of cold water consumption on metabolic rate , there are several benefits derived from this practice relevant to weight loss. First, when a person drinks a glass of water several times a day, manages to keep better appetite control, because the body does not distinguish very well hunger for thirst . So instead of a snack , it can consume a glass of water to obtain a temporary sensation of fullness.
Increased water consumption helps to consumption of small quantities of food at meals because the stomach is already filled partially with water. Experts recommend drinking water even in the absence of thirst , because this stimulus is not an effective indicator of the level of body hydration ( thirst occurs when the body is already dehydrated ) .

Other methods for speeding up the metabolism
Over time many theories have circulated about certain foods and drinks that would help speed up metabolism , thus increasing the body’s ability to burn excess calories from food.
While nutritionists approve that meals based on whole grains and pure proteins assist in weight loss, this approach to the weight loss itself does not ensure faster fat burning . In other words , the mere introduction of grapefruit or cabbage soup menu does not necessarily lead to accelerated metabolism burning .

Eating food before bed
A theory heavily promoted weight loss diets say you should not eat any food a few hours before bedtime because your metabolism is slower in the second half of the day and burn less fat than the morning or at lunch . Recently, nutritionists combat this hypothesis and say that the impact of calorie intake is the same at any time of the day.
Problem of eating in the evening or at night is that they tend to consume more calories than their body needs nutritionally .

Consumption of food at the same time of day
Other weight loss diet recommends eating main meals of the day on a schedule , because eating at the same time of day helps your metabolism to be faster . It seems to follow a precise planning mealtimes itself does not help to increase the metabolic rate , but can be a good strategy to respect a proper diet .

Coffee consumption and metabolic rate
Coffee drinkers fully enjoy their morning ritual that helps them grow faster energy levels and concentration early in the day . Drank in moderation and unsweetened coffee can be effective in increasing the metabolic rate , but the effect is temporary. Caffeine removes fatigue and improves endurance exercise , so it is a good incentive to make the move.

Breakfast and metabolic rate
A method of accelerating the metabolism Nutritionist is approved observing the first meal of the day. Breakfast is really important for the commissioning of metabolic processes , because people who eat only once a day , usually in the afternoon , their metabolism slows and they significantly increase the risk of fattening .
Breakfast is not only an important for metabolism , but also a good regulator of appetite . People who eat in the morning are less likely to consume inordinate food throughout the day , managing to maintain optimal weight .

Muscle mass and metabolic rate
Another sure way to accelerate the metabolism is muscle growth through exercise and a diet based on lean protein . The more muscle your body is more developed and more toned , the higher the efficiency of metabolic processes . The well worked muscle continues to stimulate metabolic burning even when resting , is the safest and simplest way to help the body rid yourself of excess fat deposits .

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