Medical tests for people over 30 years

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate is a blood test that detects the presence of disease in the body that can trigger inflammation (acute or chronic). ESR help diagnose infections, certain cancers and autoimmune diseases. The elderly, the analysis may reveal inflammation related to arthritis, and other joint problems. Lowering the ESR signal if a patient has responded positively to medication.

Complete blood counts
It aims to measure and provide values ​​of various components of blood (red cells, white cells, differential leukocyte count, platelet count and hemoglobin level). Each of these elements has its own significance. For example, elevated white blood cell count could be the result of infection, inflammation or cancer present in the body. Decreased white blood cell values ​​may be caused by a medication, autoimmune disease or disorder of the bone marrow. A decrease in red blood cells (RBC) may indicate anemia, and dehydration.
Platelets reveals the presence or absence of anemia. May modify platelets appear in leukemia or after chemotherapy.

Hyperglycemia induced
Analysis involves fasting to detect whether the patient is suffering from prediabetes or diabetes. This is usually one of the first tests are done when diabetes is suspected. Its role is to measure blood glucose content on an empty stomach after eight hours after the last meal.

Liver function tests
Testing will be done to check liver function and includes the following tests: serum albumin, alpha-1 antitrypsin, trimpul prothrombin, serum bilirubin, bilirubin in urine etc. Each of these has its own significance. For example, serum albumin help diagnose liver diseases such as hepatitis and cirrhosis. Albumin is a protein found in blood as in liquid form and low levels of it may be alarming.
Similarly, bilirubin increases in the presence of jaundice or other diseases of the liver and gallbladder.

Lipid profile
Lipid profile indicate the status of body fat metabolism and help detect potential heart disease. With this test to measure levels of body fat and lipoproteins, such as total cholesterol, triglycerides and cholesterol, very low density lipoprotein. A large number of LDL cholesterol indicate a risk for coronary artery disease. Elevated VLDL signifies a high level of triglycerides, which contribute to the buildup of cholesterol on artery walls, causing narrowing them.

Renal function tests
First, urea and creatinine are two components checked to assess the proper functioning of the kidneys. Urea is the end product of catabolism (breakdown) of proteins, a process that takes place in the liver, which is then filtered into the bloodstream and then excreted in urine. High levels of urea and creatine signals dysfunction and various kidney disorders. Some doctors prefer to diagnostiacarea probelmelor ultra sonogram kidneys.

TSH is a thyroid test which is designed to detect thyroid hormone imbalance that occurs when hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.
Those experiencing symptoms such as increased heart rate, anxiety, weight loss, weakness, sleep disturbances, vision may have hyperthyroidism. If hypothyroidism may occur manifestations such as weight gain, swollen skin, hair loss and excessive tiredness. In both cases must be measured TSH quickly.

This test helps to detect various cardiovascular diseases, including coronary artery disease, heart enlargement, aneurysms and heart inflammation. By measuring the electrical activity of the heart with this investigation is monitored heart rate, the effect of certain medicines used for coronary artery disease and heart’s electrical activity. Any disharmony suggests the presence of a problem.

Stress test
Cardiac stress test is done after a electrocardiogram if the latter does not indicate any abnormality but symptoms persist. This happens usually in people who have obstructions in the coronary artery.
The stress test can help identify manifestations of coronary artery disease and may assess exercise tolerance until it installs fatigue and breathing difficulties occur.

Chest radiograph
Another simple test used by experts to detect heart problems is chest radiography offers information about any disorder present in the lungs (pulmonary lesions, lung cancer) and about the size of the heart.

Rectal examination
As a person gets older will increase its susceptibility to colon cancer and polyps of the large bowel. Rectal exams can help detect possible cancerous masses located in the rectum.

ENT examination
Such an examination helps to diagnose problems with the neck, this nodules on the vocal cords, hearing disorders and various cancers ENT.

Eye examination
This is useful for early diagnosis of vision problems, glaucoma, cataracts and neurological problems involving the optic nerve.

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