Migraine and headache

Everyone has experienced a headache. If it is not very uncomfortable, of course, disappears with little rest or a sedative. On the other hand, however, migraines are more severe than usual headache.
Such preconceived notions that men suffer from migraine crisis are unfounded. However, women seem to experience these seizures more frequently than men, especially during the menstrual cycle.Understanding all variations of migraine symptoms, causes and treatment are complicated. Under these circumstances, it is very important for people with this condition to know what are the causes and symptoms and also shows you which treatment works best. Maintaining regular contact with a doctor allows a better understanding of this disease.

Severe pain associated with migraine, usually located at the temple to the neck can take between 4 and 72 hours. People who suffer from migraines may experience symptoms of dizziness, numbness, vision problems, drowsiness, and even feelings of nausea before and during the crisis.


Migraine causes are not fully known. However, most experts believe that genetic and environmental are.
Causes of migraine were divided into three categories: nutrition, environment and psychological factors.
Cases falling within the category of food, ranging from chocolate, dairy products and citrus oil and salt. Causes from the second category include odors and loud noises, variations in weather (and atmospheric pressure) and even fluorescent lighting.
Psychological causes can be controlled. Maintaining a low stress, exercise, adequate sleep are some of the ways to prevent migraines.


Medication is usually the first way that appeals to people who suffer from migraines, but the body’s response to this type of treatment varies from person to person. Painkillers such as aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen, can take effect. If these medications do not help, the next step is to consult a doctor.
Have tested several drugs before an effective one to be found. Over time, even if drugs can calm is important and trying to cope with migraine without resorting to using them.
Doctors believe that the best way to treat a migraine without resorting to medication is to minimize light and sound and to sleep. Once asleep, the body may recover from migraine, but the best way is to find out what triggers migraine and try to avoid these causes determinant.

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