Sesame oil nutritional values ​​and benefits

Sesame oil is a byproduct of sesame seeds used in culinary purposes.
Health benefits from its diverse and essential nutrients it contains, and the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.Sesame oil is used for over 5000 years as a culinary ingredient or as a natural remedy for skin problems, teeth and bones.

Nutritional values

One of the first oils used by humanity, sesame oil extracted from the seeds is used in alternative medicine as well as its nutritional properties, preventive and curative. The seeds are important sources of phytonutrients as well as find the essential omega-6, antioxidants flavonoid phenolics type, vitamins and dietary fiber with beneficial health properties.

  • Manganese 0.7 mg, 35% of the daily recommended;
  • Copper 0.7 mg, 35% of the daily recommended;
  • Calcium 277 mg, 28% of the daily recommended;
  • Iron 4.1 mg, 23% of the daily recommended;
  • Magnesium 99.7 mg, 25% of the daily recommended;
  • Zinc 2 mg, 13% of the daily recommended;
  • Fiber 3.9 g, 16% of the daily recommended;
  • Thiamine 0.2 mg, 15% of the daily recommended;
  • Vitamin B6 0.2 mg, 11% of the daily recommended;
  • Phosphorus 179 mg, 18% of the daily recommended;
  • Zinc 99.7 mg, 25% of the daily recommended;
  • Tryptophan 2 mg, 13% of the daily recommended;
  • Protein 4.7g;

Health Benefits

This numerous natural compounds considered important for the proper functioning of the body turn sesame oil in a product with numerous health and beauty benefits . The most important of these are the following
Maintaining skin health and beauty . Collagen is the basis of healthy skin . Sesame oil Zinc stimulates the production of collagen , making skin tissue more elastic and smooth . Research also showed that zinc is beneficial in the natural processes of the body and can relieve symptoms of skin diseases is effective especially sunburn heal faster ( and reducing their negative effects ) .
Protection of oral health . Sesame oil has gained a positive reputation in reducing plaque from the teeth and whitening teeth . Oral washes sesame oil protects oral health in fewer dangerous bacteria (especially the streptococci ) .
Prevention of diabetes . Studies have shown that sesame oil reduce both blood pressure , and blood glucose levels among patients with diabetes and hypertension. Magnesium and other nutrients of sesame seeds proved effective in increasing the effectiveness of the oral drug glibenclamide administered in treating patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes .
Reduction of blood pressure . Magnesium rich content of sesame seeds has proved helpful in reducing blood pressure in hypertensive diabetics .
Maintaining heart health . Heart disease are produced partly by free radicals and oxidative stress . Sesame seeds contain sesamol , a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound , which the researchers considered it beneficial in preventing and treating heart disease and atherosclerosis. Moreover , studies have shown that sesamol has many important pharmaceutical properties .
Protection against UV rays . In an era of dangerous exposure to UV rays , protection against their adverse effects is very important. Sesame seeds , from which oil is produced with the same name , help the body fight the effects of impaired DNA background radiation action . Several studies conducted on laboratory mice directly exposed to UV rays have shown that rodents fed with sesame seeds have lived longer than those who did not receive this food .
Cancer Prevention . Everything about sesame seeds are thought to have anticancer properties . A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says supplemented magnesium intake lowers the risk of colorectal cancer . Thus, each 100 mg of magnesium supplemented diet reduces the risk of illness by about 12 % and the mineral is found abundantly in sesame oil .
Maintaining bone health . Content rich in zinc and calcium in sesame seeds is a powerful weapon in the fight against osteoporosis. Deficiency in any of these two minerals can significantly increase the risk of hip and spine fractures .
Protection of digestive health . Fiber is the key ingredient in the diet for optimal digestive health . Sesame seeds are rich in fiber and help improve and maintain healthy colon.
Relief of symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Copper found in sesame seeds is important for strengthening tissues , such as those in blood vessels and joints . People with rheumatoid arthritis may notice an improvement in pain and swelling of joints due to anti-inflammatory properties of sesame oil .
Prevention of respiratory disorders . Magnesium sesame oil is used in alternative medicine to decrease in intensity of spasms of the bronchiole tubes . The sesame oil is considered to be effective in the prevention and treatment of respiratory disorders , including asthma .
Protection against viral and bacterial infections . In Ayurvedic medicine , sesame oil is used as antibacterial agent and antiviral agent . Holistic medicine practitioners use sesame oil to treat throat irritation , infections caused by the staph bacteria and fungal infections ( athlete’s foot ) .
In traditional Chinese medicine, sesame oil is used to alleviate pain caused by tendonitis , bursitis , arthritis and colitis , as well as relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome .

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