Causes of pain

Surprising causes of pain and how to manage

Often, the causes of pain are based on simple choices we make every day. For example, choosing the wrong pair of shoes can cause back pain. This is only one of many examples. Next, you can find several causes of pain that can capture, and how you can avoid this pain.

Situations in which you may experience pain
Sandals or slippers. Certain types of sandals or flip flops (especially those separated from the rest of the fingers and thumb are designed foam) can cause pain in the feet, ankles and knees. Even though this seems very comfortable shoes, some people may experience pain if they wear for longer, slippers or sandals.
Solution: Wear shoes that cover the entire foot and when you know you are going to go down more, opt for shoes that would be easier.
Smartphones. Do you have a smart phone that allows you to send messages, browse the internet and play various games technology is necessary, but such a device can cause pain in the fingers. Although extensive studies are needed, doctors say a fairly high number of young people suffer from some form of arthritis of the thumb of the hand, which can be a result of prolonged use of these phones.
Solution: When your fingers start to hurt, try to limit the time of use of the smartphone. If pain persists, make an appointment with your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Wallet. Wallet can cause back pain and buttocks and can even lead to pain that may radiate to the leg. If you have the habit of wearing wallet back, this can lead to compression and irritation of the sciatic nerve. In some cases, a full wallet can easily divert normal alignment of the spine, causing muscle tension.
Solution: Always remove the wallet from his pocket before sitting down, especially when you climb behind the wheel.
Driving. Many people regulate their car seats in the wrong angles. If the seat is tilted, it is possible to stretch too much to grasp the steering wheel with both hands. This can cause muscle tension and pain, especially in the neck.
Solution: Arrange car seat to form an angle closer to 90 degrees (between the hips and back) and make sure that both back, and head are supported by chair and headrest. Reaching the wheel should be as easy, so that the arms are slightly bent and relaxed.
Interactive video games. Video games that simulate sports can cause some real damage. Doctors say that the excess of such games can trigger numerous injuries from sprains of ligaments, broken bones.
Solution: just as if they are to play a sport, take a mild heating Thus before starting a video game. Make sure you have enough space around you to not hurt. In addition, more time playing video games than a true sport.
Cheese. Cheese lovers should be careful – their favorite food could be a cause of headaches. Aged cheese such as blue cheese, cheddar, parmesan and certain types of swiss cheese contain significant amounts of a substance called tyramine. These substances are known to trigger headaches. The substance can be found in some processed meats and various beverages.

Solution: put together a food diary to help make the connection between food consumed and headaches, so you can learn what foods should exclude from your diet (or reduce the amount consumed).

Children. It is said that sometimes children can give you headaches. But it’s about headaches, but about the simple act of will raise the baby. When you have to do this several times a day, the work may cause tenosynovitis development effort. These are damages resulting from repetitive stress that can cause pain and swelling in the wrist.
Solution: Learn how to raise your child without strain wrists. Place your hands behind your child and make the move and buttocks using the large muscles of the hand (biceps). In addition, make sure you keep a back posture when lifting – an incorrect position of the back can cause back pain and muscle tension in the lower back and hamstrings.
Laptop. If you carry your laptop wherever you go – whether it’s a certain addiction, whether it is necessary – it is likely to experience muscle tension in specific areas of the body. Support of these devices can cause prolonged tension in the forearms and elbows. Special bags that you carry on your shoulder to carry your laptop may contribute to back pain and shoulder.
Solution: choose a bag with wheels or consider purchasing some smaller appliances.
Hairdressing. Some ways to make your hairstyle can trigger or worsen a headache. Some migraine sufferers are more sensitive to sensations such as wearing a hat, bandanas or braids of hair.
Solution: quit or complicated hairstyles involving tight weaving of hair and avoid wearing hats or caps too tight on your head.
Strong odors. Doctors are still not sure why, but strong odors are another common trigger of migraines. Strong odors may originate from common substances such as paint or smoke. Even pleasant odor, such as perfumes or fresh flowers are also factors contributing to the onset of migraine.
Solution: Identify which smells which will trigger headaches and try to avoid them.

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