Men cancer symptoms that should not be ignored

Men cancer symptoms

Recognition of the main symptoms of cancer early detection means infinitely greater chance of illness and healing.

Experts say that men are less concerned than women to investigate their own health, which means they’re more likely delayed diagnosis of medical conditions, including various forms of cancer.

1. Signs announcing men cancer

Routine preventive care involves making regular medical tests, even when no symptoms announcing the installation of ailments. In cancer, men can ignore even a series of vague symptoms or until they reach a late stage of the disease. A specialized medical control is the only way we can eliminate the suspicion of cancer or therapeutic measures can be taken immediately to ensure survival.

2. Changes in their testicles can be a men cancer

Men aged between 20 and 39 years are most likely testicular cancer, the American Cancer Society recommends that physical examination of the testes in the routine medical checks. Also, monthly self-examination is an essential preventative measure for possible pathological changes in the testes.

Worrying signs that may raise suspicion installation cancer refers to any change in testicular size, increase or decrease. Other symptoms are swelling, nodules or heaviness in the scrotum. Testicular cancer is developing very fast, making its detection will be crucial for survival.

3. Breast lumps and men cancer

Most men ignore the possibility of developing breast disease generally attributed to women. Although rare cases of breast cancer in men, there is the possibility of installing disease. The main symptom is the appearance of abnormal masses in the breast tissue, which must undergo a medical examination emergency.

 Other possible signs of breast men cancer can be:

  • Nipple retraction;
  • Irregularity skin or skin wrinkling;
  • Discharge from the nipple;
  • Redness and peeling of the skin of the breast or nipple;

4. Pain with unclear causes can be a sign of men cancer

As you get older, even men complain of localized pain in different body regions. This symptom may have multiple causes vague and can be attributed to cancer, whether this association is rare.

Any pain that persists, with an unclear source must be investigated by a specialist. Even if she does not announce the installation of cancer, medical tests may elucidate the exact causes and the doctor can prescribe appropriate treatment.

5. Fever 

Another general symptom that can betray a flu, pneumonia and many other diseases and infections, is also a possible sign of cancer. Most types of cancer causes fever, most often the point where the cancer cells begin to spread to other body regions. Fever is a common symptom of leukemia and.

Therefore, unexplained fever should not be ignored, but taken as a serious warning from the body whose health condition is fragile.

6. Changes in lymph nodes can cause men cancer

Lumps or masses present abnormal lymph nodes in the neck, armpit and so on, are other observable symptoms possibly associated with cancer. Oncologists advise patients to perform thorough medical investigations, once seen an enlarged lymph node, which increases progressively and not withdrawn within a month. If an infection is not behind changes lymph specialist will perform a biopsy.

Male Modified Radical Mastectomy

7. Losing weight unjustified

If a man loses 10% of body weight in a period of 3-6 months, without doing any change in lifestyle, medical consultation is required to detect undue weight decrease.

The doctor will perform a physical exam generally will address questions regarding diet and daily exercise program and try to identify other symptoms that suggest a possible diagnosis. Based on this information, the specialist will decide that these tests are necessary.

8. Persistent cough

Chronic cough that lasts more than 3-4 weeks, may be a symptom of a strong cold, an allergy or a side effect of certain medications. Extended over a longer period of time, persistent cough may herald more serious health problems such as chronic bronchitis, gastric acid reflux or even cancer (especially in smokers) can be a men cancer sign.

9. Abdominal pain, and depression

Men (and women) who experience abdominal pain and depression they must promptly investigate the health. Modern studies have identified a link between depression and pancreatic cancer. Associated symptoms are jaundice, changes in stool (which have generally a shade of gray) and dark urine. Generalized pruritus is another sign that may indicate pancreatic cancer installation.

10. Difficulty in swallowing

This symptom often ignored by men may announce the development of esophageal cancer. Doctors say that patients prefer to adopt a liquid diet and wait for the discomfort to go away, but to visit the doctor. This error leads of course to diagnose the disease at an advanced stage, when the chances of recovery are greatly reduced.

11. Changes occur in the skin

Less concerned with aesthetic details of their own skin, men can overlook many potential signs of cancer. Not only moles that change shape and color are part of the symptoms, but also the transformation of the pigment skin tissue, portions exfoliate more numerous and lesions that bleed.

Men cancer changes occur in the skin

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