The ancient art of Tai Chi, reducing stress requesting specific lifestyle and improve overall health.

The ancient art of Tai Chi uses easy movements that reduce stress requesting specific lifestyle and improve overall health. Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art based on a series of exercises involving gentle movements and balance the body.
There are different styles of Tai Chi, such as Wu Hao, Sun and Yang. To perform Tai Chi exercises must choose one of these forms and learn different types of movements and specific positions.

What you should know about Tai Chi

Tai Chi, Tai Chi Chuan called an integrated exercise and stretching. During this sport, you must perform a series of postures or movements, in a slow, graceful. Each posture is now next without a break, while your body will be constantly moving.
Tai Chi involves different styles. Each style focuses on various tai chi principles and methods and requires specific variations. Some styles focus on health maintenance, while others involve learning martial arts Tai Chi.
From these variations resulted over 100 Tai Chi movements and positions, many of them named with names of animals or elements of nature. Regardless of the variation, all forms of tai chi include rhythmic movements modlee that are coordinated with breathing to help you get a sense of inner peace.
Tai Chi involves focusing one who practice it live now and remove thoughts that might distract.

 The benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi offers many health benefits can improve flexibility, balance, strength and coordination. Some research suggests that tai chi helps lower blood pressure and heart function support activity.
One of the most important benefits of Tai Chi is to reduce stress, which is responsible for the worsening of certain diseases.
Tai Chi offers a range of physical and mental benefits, a moderate cardiovascular workout, stimulates the immune system, reduces degeneration of the spine, improves posture, balance and coordination, reducing the risk of strokes associated with aging.
In addition, any person can practice Tai Chi as it involves some of the most gentle forms of exercise.

How to practice Tai Chi exercises

  • Store different sets of specific positions form of Tai Chi you want to practice. For example, Beijing24 need to know more than 30 positions, including Shouhui Pipa, You Lan Zhen Quewei and Haida. To learn the correct form of orcareia of these posts, it is advisable to seek an experienced instructor of Tai Chi.
  • Choose a quiet place to practice Tai Chi exercises, such as in nature, so you can focus more easily.
  • Take a deep breath before beginning exercises to relax. Tai chi can be considered a form of meditation in motion and you should be as relaxed as possible to get complete results after exercise. If you are not completely relaxed when you start you will definitely be relaxed after you finish a sequence, for example.
  • Move gracefully from one position to another and imagine that you are one with nature. With art Tai Chi you will be able to connect with the natural rhythms of your body
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