Tips for caring dry hands

In general, dry skin is a serious but can cause discomfort, especially when skin is damaged hands.
In winter, wind and cold hands can cause skin damage, especially if you pay attention to this. There are many ways that you can care for your hands dry during the cold season. Follow the tips below and your hands will look good all winter – no matter how cold it will be.Care measures for dry hands
Wear gloves. It may seem an extreme solution, many people choose not to wear gloves when the weather is bad (it’s not just the low temperatures, but especially the days when the wind blows strongly). However, you should know that gloves are essential to protect the fragile skin of the hands. So, wear gloves even when not stay too long in the open, and if you are among those who always forget these items at home, you can buy two pairs – one you can always keep in your purse.
When cold weather makes its appearance, skin health experts recommend replacing conventional soap for hand washing gels. Conventional soaps can further reduce moisture in the skin, so it is recommended to use disinfectant gels that contain, among other things, moisturizing agents. In addition, it is important to avoid frequent hand washing.
If you do not agree with antibacterial gels, use a soap with glycerin, aloe vera and olive oil. After you wash your hands, dry them by blotting with a towel and a soft brush them with baby oil or massage oil.

You properly hydrated. A glass of plain water may seem like the last thing you need during the cold season. However, experts say that winter is the time when you most need water.

Water keeps your body hydrated and counterbalance the effect of dry air from inside (in winter, the air is drier in the house because of heat sources used to heat the home). Eat adequate amounts of water throughout the day to hydrate the skin, including the hands.
In addition, it is advisable to consider purchasing a humidifier inside to maintain a normal moisture in the air in your home. You will need to keep in normal skin with moisture humidifier, which will not only improve the health of your hands, but keep mucous membranes and moisture shrinking risk of colds and flu.
Use moisturizers. Moisturizers are essential for skin care hand throughout the year. In winter, their moisturizing action becomes even more important.
Besides regular application of creams, over the day (especially after washing hands), consider making a intensive moisturizing hand treatment. There are many such treatments.
Try the product with the role of treatment in the morning – before leaving home – and night – before you go to sleep. Winter are recommended creams containing dimethicone and lanolin. Lactic acid and urea may help soothe very dry skin and hyaluronic acid helps maintain moisture in the skin. In addition to moisturizers that you normally use, you can also use Vaseline to treat dry skin of hands. After you apply the cream on your hands, place over cotton gloves to keep skin moisture.
Experts recommend that you avoid products containing alpha-hydroxy acids, which are found especially in anti-aging creams, astringent lotions but to not worsen dry skin.
It also might be a good idea to keep at hand a small bottle with a moisturizer to protect your skin with your hands when you leave home.
Manicure maintenance. Nothing compares with a hand treatment at home. Treatment may include manicures done in four steps:

  •      grinding or cutting nails to the same length (seems a trivial thing, but is often overlooked)
  •      thoroughly clean the nail tip – soak your nails in lemon juice or rub your nails with lemon juice for a natural bleaching
  •      moisturize hands, paying particular attention to cuticles
  •      ended operation, offering nail polish by grinding. Apply a layer of protective lacquer.

Consumption of fish oil. More and more studies have shown that omega 3 fatty acid supplements can soothe and relieve dry skin problems. In a large study, subjects taking fish oil capsules with Omega 3 have reported significant positive results in terms squid dry skin after only four weeks.
Fish oil helps maintain healthy skin, hair and nails as well. Therefore, consider using fish oil capsules winter, but only after you doctor agrees.

Use warm water, not hot, when you wash your hands. Hot water reduces skin moisture from hands and aggravate dry them. Therefore, skin care experts advise people to wash their hands with warm water, not hot. Tip: Even if you do not use, normally hot water for hand washing, you can see that the water is too hot if you notice that your hands tend to redden in contact with water. In addition, the duration should not shower or warm bath to exceed 15 minutes.
Limit exposure to cleaning products hand. To prevent dry skin hands, try to avoid as much as possible to expose your hands to carpet cleaning house. Use impervious gloves when using household solutions or manipulated acidic foods such as oranges, grapefruit, tomatoes and lemons. Same measures you should take and when you do any gardening, for example.
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