What to do when your back hurts

What to do when your back hurts

Back pain is the leading cause limiting freedom of movement of persons younger than 45 years. According to statistics, 3 out of 4 people manifest back pain at some point during their lives. Some treatment methods there are: medication, Self-care as well as surgery.
In treating back pain and alternative therapies bring their contributors. Although not a cure, alternative therapies are useful for controlling and relieving pain. Medical institutions approve the use of alternative therapies in patients whose health condition does not improve with self-care or mild pain medication.
Suffer from chronic back pain? Next you will learn about alternative therapies that can help relieve pain.

Spinal manipulation
Spinal manipulation technique involves applying a controlled force to joints of the spine, in order to reposition the vertebrae. Pressure exerted by the column hands expert or special devices.
Maneuvers are performed by chiropractors, physiotherapist, Osteopaths and conventional medicine specialists. Practice has shown that spinal manipulation may lead to an improvement in mild to moderate back pain. This improvement can take from three months to a year.

This is a traditional Chinese method based on the theory that a life force called Qi, the body travels through certain channels (meridians). Blocking causes diseases and thus manifest their symptoms. Acupuncture specialists believe that the introduction of precise thin needles along these meridians can unblock the flow of Qi energy. This process will be relieved pain and restore health.
Clinical studies have shown that, at present, real and sham acupuncture were equally good results (and together were more effective) as conventional treatments to relieve chronic back pain. Are made for further research to discover why real acupuncture and sham acupuncture have similar effect in relieving back pain.

Indian yoga is a practice characterized by a combination of stretching exercise, flexibility, muscular strength with meditation. These movements can help relieve muscle tension and reduce back pain. Research has confirmed that yoga reduces pain, improves overall health and promotes quitting medication for back pain. For this type of pain are recommended for special types of yoga, gentle styles, such as hatha yoga. Vigorous types of yoga can worsen symptoms.

Osteopathy is a treatment in which the practitioner works hand in the muscles and joints to cure dysfunction and restore their mobility and functionality. Techniques may include spinal manipulation, stretching, gentle pressure and resistance. According to studies this therapy significantly reduces back pain. The positive effects can last for at least three months.
In order to determine the functional mode of the treatment and whether the effects can be felt long term additional studies are needed.

Cognitive behavioral therapy
This type of therapy instruct the patient how to think and act in response to pain. The goal is to learn to better cope with pain, positive thinking, but also to detect and remove negative feelings and behaviors that may block recovery.
Methods of adaptation to pain, such as relaxation techniques, can improve muscle tone and can distract from the pain. Research on small groups of volunteers show that cognitive behavioral therapy can be effective in relieving chronic low back pain. Effects increase when associated with other types of therapies that address the physical aspects of pain.

Making exercise for therapeutic purposes is helpful if chronic back pain, reducing pain and restoring risk. Your doctor can advise on specific exercises, aimed at strengthening certain muscles that support the spine. Also, aerobic exercise, stretching can reduce stiffness in order to improve capacity and reduce low back pain exercise.
Therapeutic massage
The goal of massage therapy is effective in reducing inflammation, relax muscles and to improve local circulation. Research has shown that massage can relieve pain, depression, anxiety, but can improve the quality of sleep. Swedish massage techniques, based on a deep massage on points target were most successful in reducing low back pain.

Interdisciplinary management
Interdisciplinary chronic pain management combines all these methods. It is designed to control and manage resistance to pain through a combination of:

  • Exercise;
  • Education on the risks and alternatives;
  • Psychotherapy, including learning some types of relaxation;
  • Professional advice in order to resume their professional lives.

According to recent studies, interdisciplinary management of chronic pain can be as effective as surgery on the spine in treating many types of pain.
Discuss with your doctor when you want to tap into alternative treatments for back pain. Also advisable would be to seek professional help with practical experience just so and favorable results in relieving back pain will occur faster.

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