Why you have a headache

Why you have a headache

Any factor that amplifies stress levels can cause headaches or migraines. Headaches caused by tension may be caused by changing the chemical composition of the brain or muscle spasm in the neck, face, jaw and scalp. Migraine is caused by expansion or narrowing of cerebral vessels and is manifested by headache and visual disturbances, which may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and photophobia.

Headaches can be caused by countless factors, the most important being found:

 Strenuous activities
Strenuous physical activity, including sex, can complete headache due effort. Exercise causes inflammation of blood vessels in the head, neck and scalp, followed by increased tension. Example: headache related to sexual activity. These types of pain are specific to persons with a history of migraine.

Strong perfume
Strong smells – even nice ones – cause migraines in many people. The link between scent and migraine is still unclear, but it is believed that the smell stimulates the nervous system. The most important Triggers of headaches are thought to be: the smell of paint, pollen and certain types of flowers fragrance.
An incorrect position of the body
No need to work in order to build pressure fatigue in the muscles of the head and neck, but suffice incorrect position in the office. The most common form of adoption of incorrect posture office include: shoulders curved outside, using a chair with no lumbar support, maintenance monitor in a position too low or too high, supporting the phone with your shoulder. If you suffer frequent headaches caused by tension, try to analyze posture they adopted during the working day.

Inactivity – “weekend migraine”
Most migraines due to inactivity manifests weekend. This pain can be the result of factors have combined during the workweek, stress, insufficient sleep, skipping meals serving – triggered relaxation period ahead. If you experience such headaches, try to modify the weekend schedule: spending a lot of hours in bed, sleep program more prolonged than in the course of the week, low dose of caffeine (eg coffee omission morning), modification time serving breakfast, are the main causes of headaches experienced at the end of the week.
Hair accessories
How hair is worn on the head can have many implications. Grasped the hair with an elastic connective tissues can tense the scalp, causing headache, Hair bands, ribbons, hats and tight hats can create the same effect. If the headache is caused by wearing improper equipment, appropriate treatment is to remove them.
Smoking is the trigger headaches for people who smoke not only active but also passive smokers. Nicotine contained in cigarettes causes narrowing of blood vessels in the brain. Studies have shown that quitting smoking or reducing / avoiding exposure to cigarette smoke has significant positive effects in patients suffering from episodic headache – manifested by intense periorbital pain.

The human body consists of 65% water. Dehydration is the result of excessive loss of body water and electrolyte loss and includes essential minerals. Dehydration may represent an important cause headaches, especially considering the fact that most people define it wrong, necessarily involving a high temperature and thirst. In addition to headache, dehydration is accompanied by symptoms such as muscle weakness, fatigue, excessive thirst, feeling confused.
Noble cheese
One of the most common migraine triggers is cheese “old” (mature), including blue cheese (Gorgonzola, Roquefort, Danablu etc.), brie, cheddar, feta, mozzarella, parmesan and Swiss cheese. The cause is a substance called tyramine, found in fermented cheese and that forms when certain proteins are broken down. As esta product older (more mature) the greater the tyramine content and risk of developing migraines.
Red wine
Tyramine is found, besides fermented cheese, red wine and content in certain types of liquor. Because alcohol increases blood flow to the brain, the effect can be more intense. If you notice that the events that have consumed red wine followed by episodes of migraine, give this product. In order to consume a glass of red wine occasionally, ask your doctor to recommend a preventive medication.
Meat processed foods
Processed meat (salami, ham, pork loin, etc.) contains, besides tyramine, food additives known as nitrates or nitrites. In some individuals, these additives increase blood flow to the brain, causing atypical migraine headache: pain is felt in parallel at both sides, while when classical migraine pain affects a certain part of the head.

Failure dining program
Migraine caused by hunger is not always obvious, if you omit canteen, headache can occur before the appearance of hunger. Although pain is caused by a decrease in blood sugar levels, the solution is not serving a candy or other foods rich in sugar – sweet food causes a transient effect, followed by a further decrease of glucose.
For people prone to headaches, caffeine is part of the necessary products but also harmful. Used in moderation, caffeine is beneficial in most cases – is included in many medicines for headaches. On the other hand, excessive coffee favors the occurrence of headache. In the case of coffee addiction, abrupt discontinuation of use may result in worsening the situation.
Sleep disorders
Sleep disorders are often associated with tension, migraine and episodic headache. Fatigue arising out of a restless sleep can cause contractions of the neck muscles and tension in the head. Headaches that occur at night or in the morning may be related to conditions such as sleep apnea or insomnia. Changes in sleep program – reduce or extend the period of rest – can cause headaches for some people, treatment recommended in such situations is to establish a strict schedule both evening and morning.
Hormonal changes
For women, most migraine develops after the period of puberty. Scientists believe that fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone can cause migraines. Almost half of all cases of migraine in women are associated with menstrual period.
Maintenance deep feelings of dissatisfaction, anger, rage, hatred, is the leading cause emotional trigger headaches with even greater intensity than those characteristic of depression or anxiety. In moments of anger, tension in your back, neck and scalp worse, causing a strong feeling of tightness in the head, classic symptom of headache caused by tension.
Excessive weight
A recent study showed that the average obese people (with a body mass index 30) shows a 35% higher risk of developing migraines than people with lower body mass index. For people presenting severe obesity (with an index of 40), the risk of developing migraines grow by 80 percent.

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