About health problems caused by cholesterol

Not long before people could not even pronounce the word correctly cholesterol. Today – at least in America – one of the most common vocabulary words in all. Just so in recent years have been isolated by a Pacific island never heard of cholesterol. In this case we give some information that you put in the subject. First of all cholesterol is a substance found in animal tissues and hence any human.Today we need some cholesterol in the body, because we could not live without him because he is essential for hormone production, cell limb formation and production of bile acid used in digestion.Living, our body produces enough cholesterol to meet both these functions but for some of us the cholesterol product was added too much and that only due to the consumption of excess fat and cholesterol from food. Additional cholesterol is deposited on the walls of blood vessels circulation complicating it (because it reduces the diameter of blood vessels) and heart must work much harder to push the same amount of blood away.
More than half of all Americans have cholesterol levels greater than necessary (hypercholesterolemia) and it is no wonder that cardiovascular disease – due to this cause – are “killer” number 1 in the world.

For a long time the question of reducing its level or rather the “treatment” of the disease – as it was called then – but doctors have not gotten any results. I myself had a high level and I could not reduce it to nothing. I had a second heart attack and bypass surgery. Through a diet low in cholesterol but have the results I was not fully satisfied. As a result I launched cercatare scientific and the result was the work of “a course of eight weeks without cholesterol.” Not only fat (of food) produces cholesterol but protein and carbohydrates (some).
We found that there are certain types of fiber (rice, oats, apples) that reduce cholesterol in their consumption. Cholesterol diet is the only part of the problem. The other aspect of reduction would be physically exercatiul. If you are one of those with high blood cholesterol, diet is what you need but it besides regular physical training (especially aerobic workout or cardio-training such as swimming, cycling, jogging) may lower cholesterol by 50%.
Another important factor which greatly help to lower cholesterol is and I refer here only Supplement your vitamins. These by their antioxidant (vitamin C and vitamin E) lead to lower blood cholesterol levels. If by some time ago nobody knew anything about cholesterol today, know that it is very easy to control. It will only depend on you and I think everyone would like to be quiet in what it concerns health. So let’s leave aside the food of poor quality, let’s do exercise regularly and ensure necessary Supplement your body with each one

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