About health problems caused by insomnia

About health problems caused by insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder more and more difficult to refute this. World statistics show that approximately 30% -40% of adults have symptoms of insomnia over one year, for various reasons.Factors that determine the impossibility of having a quality sleep at night are numerous and vary from case to case, but many of the common habits people can trigger insomnia periodically.
Therefore it is very important to know what not to do battle with insomnia and what are the things that will help you rest properly again.

Common mistakes in fight with  insomnia

Do not stay in bed when you can not sleep
When you spend more than an hour unsuccessfully trying to fall asleep, not stay in bed, shaking your one sheets. Anxiety will increase the alert level of the brain, severely affecting the transition state conducive to drowsiness.
Try instead to find an easy way to stimulate the brain, that is also monotonous enough to induce sleepiness.
For example, completing a chapter of a book may be enough to regain specialty mental mood for sleep. No TV and no computer open, because the brain will be so overstimulated and production of melatonin (sleep hormone) will be disturbed by the light radiation emitted by these devices.

Do not drink alcohol before bedtime

Do not drink alcohol before bedtime.jpg
Do not drink alcohol before bedtime.jpg

Many people associate dizziness caused by alcohol, the drowsiness and predisposition to a deep sleep. In reality, alcoholic drinks consumed in the afternoon guarantee a restless sleep, interrupted and not restful, resulted in a bad state of dizziness and headache the next day.

Alcohol increases alertness and sensitivity of perception, so that even the lowest noise can be conscious enough to return to at night. In addition, the powerful effects of dehydration may lead to the need to use the toilet several times during sleep, which further disturb the quality of rest.

Do not use technological equipment before bedtime
Insomnia is so common today mainly because of technology-intensive lifestyle. Using smart phones, tablets or laptops in the bedroom, bedtime, is an important cause of sleep disorders.
Eyes directly exposed to various gadgets screen brightness brain transmit excitatory impulses that increase alertness and prevents the trigger mechanisms inducing melatonin sleep state.
To avoid this unpleasant effect of technological equipment, experts recommend fighting them at least an hour before bed and rest room preparation, so that it is conducive to quality rest airy, dark and silent.

Do not drink beverages containing caffeine after noon

Do not drink beverages containing caffeine after noon
Do not drink beverages containing caffeine after noon

Not only drank coffee late hours can cause insomnia, but all drinks containing caffeine consumed after the second half of the day. Body is needed about six hours to remove only half the amount of caffeine in the bloodstream, coffee, chocolate milk, chocolate, tea or fizzy drinks. So, after 16 hours, it is best to avoid foods incentives for the brain, especially if you regularly suffer from insomnia.

No late hours strenuous physical
Many people working in the range 9-18 times their fitness schedule after work sessions, increasing the chances of having difficulty falling asleep easily at the right time.
Submission of sustained exercise two hours before bedtime increases the internal temperature of the body, accelerating metabolic rate. Normally, sleepiness occurs with a slight decrease in body temperature, one of the signals in the body that will enter the sleep state. Increase the heart rate and metabolism counteracts the signal, causing possible states of insomnia.

Do not work in bed

Do not work in bed
Do not work in bed

All professional activities performed in bed, can cause brain associated with stress resting place of duties. There must be a clear demarcation between areas in which you are active and the rest, so you can truly relax in bed to fall asleep easily and deeply.

Do not avoid moderate exposure to the sun
A regular and protected from exposure to sunlight helps your body naturally regulate their circadian rhythms of sleep-alert, so no need to avoid direct contact with sunlight and natural light during the day. Equally important is to benefit from the dark bedroom to easily switch to the sleep state.

Do not resort to sleeping pills
Sleeping pills only treat the symptoms of insomnia, not its causes, as well as having dangerous side effects. Instead, you can get a few natural remedies for insomnia

  • Foods with calming effect. Milk, for example, contains melatonin, the body’s natural hormone responsible for the rest.
  • Melatonin supplements. Your doctor may prescribe tablets based on melatonin, where episodes of insomnia are really annoying and frequent. The dose is always determined by an expert!
  • Herbal teas. Valerian root tea or chamomile slows heart rate, reduce anxiety and help in getting the state of drowsiness. Also, cranberry tea can be an excellent adjuvant states in combating insomnia.

Do not eat exciting dinner 
Food exciting, highly seasoned or spicy or those which slows digestion, are not recommended during dinner. Similarly, very appetizing dishes that are tempted to eat them in large quantities, can cause you to eat too much and rest badly.

Do not get overwhelmed by worry and negative thoughts
Restlessness caused by worry and other negative emotions disrupt the ability of rest. Try, instead, a useful exercise of imagination. Assume you throw in the trash every negative thought in hand, like a crumpled piece of paper. You can include worries that escape the mental level to fall asleep easier!

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