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We would like to inform you about the fact that the purpose of this website is to provide general health information. This website should only be used in order to obtain general information for better understanding how your state of health. All materials and advice provided through About-Health-Problems.com be seen as mere information and not as medical advice and comprehensive analysis. Our advice is given only on the symptoms that you are experiencing.
In this case, we advise you to go to your GP if you are concerned about your line health condition. Advice offered by us are only educational and informative nature and can not be considered under any circumstances, as treated as advice or expert medical analysis. About-Health-Problems.com can not be held responsible for any damages / loss whatsoever. You understand and agree that you, the user of the website About-Health-Problems.com, you will not submit any legal action against us, regardless of how you use the information provided to us.
Repeat, About-Health-Problems.com not provide medical advice similar to what you can receive from doctors who consult in person. About-Health-Problems.com not intended to replace professional medical advice. Users should not base their future actions on the advice provided by About-Health-Problems.com for medical diagnosis always requires consultation with a specialist in person.

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