Acupuncture is one of the oldest medical systems known. Her age is estimated somewhere around 2500 years.
Acupuncture involves stimulating certain points on some tracks called meridians and also generates energy throughout the entire body, healing or improving an extremely wide range of diseases.

How does Acupuncture?
How acupuncture works is by removing energy blockages. Traditional theory describes some energy meridians that go all over the body, both in depth by various organs and the surface. In their superficial course there points where energy they can be influenced.
Orientals believe that the body’s natural state is health, not disease. By the time in one or more meridians blockages occur, the energy did not circulate properly and then fed areas or energy bodies become vulnerable to germs and disease. Removing energy blockages allows the body to heal itself.

It can also treat conditions related to pregnancy or infertility?

Is likely to be able to help you regardless of disease you have. Acupuncture treatment involves a “invasive” disease that suffer, but requires a rebalancing energy. When the energy flow bottlenecks are removed, the body heals itself, regardless of the organ or system affected. Therefore the range of diseases that can be successfully treated by acupuncture is very high, starting from the mundane but unpleasant back pain to cysts and nodules, from insomnia to mental illness / emotional, from mild to chronic diseases complex and advanced.
More specifically, in terms of female genital diseases or those related to pregnancy, acupuncture may be beneficial for: diseases related to menstruation (irregular absence, too heavy, painful, etc.), infertility, poor fetal presentation (specific points acupuncture can cause twisting fetus in the womb so that you get optimum Presentation on, avoiding the need for cesarean delivery) breast disease (cysts, nodules, etc.), morning sickness, hormonal and emotional fluctuations, and many more .

It is understandable that you fear needles, is one of the most common fears about acupuncture. Let’s give you some good news – those are extremely thin (diameter: 0.12 mm compared to 0.70 mm of a syringe needle) is inserted into the skin and only 2-3 mm (these are your needles in Japanese styles of acupuncture.
In Chinese styles such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, those are thicker (0.22 to 0.30 mm) and inserted deeper from 2-3 mm to 3-4 cm). Fear of needles usually disappears in the first year, even for the most vulnerable, when they see that it does not hurt.
Secondly acupuncture involves stimulating acupuncture points, stimulation that can be done by other means than these. For example you can use a electrostimulator using microcurrent, electrostimulatorul with a small metal probe tip that just touches the skin.
It is a method where the patient does not feel anything, there is no question of sterilization and is as effective as those. Or you can use a dried herb called moxa is that small is conulete and is used to warm acupuncture points, feeling the heat and cozy.

Those are disposable (but that you every acupuncturist in hand. Some acupuncturists prefer to sterilize needles, in which case it’s better to ask how are sterilized. However, the safest option is the disposable needle).

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