Aphasia, dysphasia is called a defect caused by brain in perceiving words. Aphasia symptoms associated with brain tissue damage in a particular place and a particular surface. A person affected by aphasia although capable, for example, partially move his mouth to pronounce certain sounds and understand spoken words, she is unable to form their own words. Another person who is affected by aphasia may be able to say a word but may be unable to say another word.

The main types of aphasia are:
– Sensory form,
– As motor
– Form mixed (sensory and motor outcome association forms in relationship can dominate one of them).
All types of aphasia are important in psychology and psychiatry because it shows that the apparent unity of what is called normal mind, the interaction remains independent functioning of parts of the brain, each of which can be destroyed without interfering with the functioning of other parts. Thus, it may seem that there are no such power unit as memory, visual memory that can be dissolved without damaging your hearing, smell, touch or any other memory functions.

Aphasia, pathological alterations of language, is an infirmity, subsequent brain damage localized in the left hemisphere in right-handed and can occur in subjects with normal intelligence and who shows no emotion and no deficiency disorders of perceptual and motor functions.
Aphasia is a loss of speech, the rules of use capability disturbance which produces and understand verbal messages. Aphasia is a disorder of the nervous system function second signal and its interrelations with the first signaling system and is characterized by memory loss conventional signs of speech, of expression of these signs.

Afazicul, without any paralysis of the muscles phonation (peribucali, of language, of the soft palate, of the pharynx, larynx you) can not express themselves in oral speech, to pronounce the words, though no hearing or visual impairment not understand the meaning of words of oral or written speech, although sometimes it is an important right upper limb paralysis, can not be expressed in the language writing (either right hand or to the left).



Many people who suffer from aphasia have been hospitalized for some time.

This hospital was usually occur after brain injury occurred. After leaving the hospital, many people still require treatment. It is not always clear who should turn for help. Please consult with the doctor who will tratateaza about possibilities in your area.

Treatment of aphasia is almost always provided by speech therapists. Basically, anyone suffering from aphasia is eligible for speech therapy.

Duration of treatment is among others related to recovery from aphasia and possibilities and regulations of the country in which you live.

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