Benefits of rosehip, argan and almond oil

Rosehip oil, also known as Rosa Mosqueta oil or Rosa canina, is the best natural remedy against aging skin and has been used for centuries by Indians in Chile to cure skin diseases.
Another special feature is the oil argan oil. This oil has been used for hundreds of years in Morocco is known for its ability to regenerate skin and strengthen hair and protect against sun and wind.
Last but not least, almond oil is also known for its beneficial effects on skin and hair. Rich in vitamins A, B, D, E, protenie, minerals and nutrients, almond oil is beneficial for skin, but for hair.

Rosehip oil
rosehip oil
Rosehip oil is extracted by cold pressing the fruit coming mostly from Chile and Argentina and is used in cosmetics pure or incorporation into finished products such as creams.
It is a miracle oil used to treat wrinkles, scars and skin inflammation, leaving the skin silky and not oily. This oil is naturally rich in vitamin E and vitamin A (retinoic acid), two powerful anti oxidants, and vitamin C.
In addition, essential fatty acids, body briefs: oleic acid, linoleic (omega 6) and linolenic (omega 3). These nutrients and vitamins preserve skin beauty, offering good hydration and protection against free radicals, molecules reponsabile of aging skin.
Retinoic acid is the active ingredient in Retin-A or Tretinoin compounds. Retin-A is used in the treatment of wrinkles due to its ability to improve skin cells regenarea. Multiple studies have been carried out by universities such as the University of Concepcion in Chile and the Misouri, USA.
The studies were performed on patients who had strong scarring after burns or surgery, dermatitis, wrinkles powerful. The results were positive and showed ability rosehip oil to regenerate skin, reduce scars and wrinkles, prevent skin aging advancement and helps skin regain its natural color and tone.

Argan oil
argan oil
Nicknamed “desert gold”, and argan oil is rich in omega 6 essential fatty acids, vitamin E and polyphenols, with moisturizing, antioxidant and regenerating. Studies conducted in Morocco and Europe have shown that this oil acts against dryness and physiological aging of the skin, restoring the lipid film and increasing dietary intake of cells.
Argan oil is used for body care to mitigate the effect of age and climate, but also to treat skin irritations such as acne, eczema, various types of burns. Athletes use it to soothe sore muscles.

Almond oil
Rosehip oil benefits argan and almond
Odorless and homogeneous almond oil is used for external application in pure or mixed with other essential oils for massage. Can be used on normal skin but also the sensitive.
Almond oil deeply moisturizes skin, nourish and soothe. Prevents dryness and cracking lips, especially in winter, and heal dry, irritated skin, preventing wrinkles and stretch marks. It has anti-inflammatory properties that heal skin irritations, eczema, burns and itching loose, and burns caused by sun exposure.

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