Ideal for cleansing face product

Cleansing face product: solid or liquid soap?

Cleansing face product.

Cleansing face is mandatory for healthy skin and aesthetic, which also means that the type of hygiene product used can make the difference between dry skin and prone to illness, and one hydrated and glowing.

Cleansing face product. Many dermatologists are asked by patients is the best solution for cleaning the skin correctly solid or liquid soap In reality soap consistency is the most important aspect of this election, but rather its ingredients.

  • Solid soap for cleansing face

Solid soap for cleansing your face

Solid soap is a financially accessible for cleansing face, also causing much foam that cleans deep skin tissue.

The biggest problem is that strong soaps can unbalance the natural pH of the skin, mostly alkaline ( high pH ), while the skin is more slightly acidic ( has a lower pH ).

And for alkaline environment encourages the growth and multiplication of bacteria that causes acne, use a solid soap facial hygiene can lead to worsening of a predisposition to this condition.

Moreover, a high pH soap removes natural skin barrier protection ( its protective oils ), so water evaporates quickly from the skin tissue and the skin becomes more dry.

Therefore, if you prefer to use a solid soap for washing your face daily, choose one with a low or neutral pH, which dries the skin, but it cleans gently. If you have sensitive skin, rosacea and susceptible to itching, avoid if possible solid soaps sodium lauryl sulfate, a skin irritant that is found in many solid soaps.

In general, the skin needs cleaning with natural ingredients, so ideal soap contains no fragrance and aggressive chemical ingredients

  •  Liquid soap for cleansing face

Liquid soap for cleansing your face
Special liquid soap for cleansing face are products less affordable, but less harsh on the skin. In addition, they have a pH close to the skin tissue, which means it does not cause excessive drying of the skin and will not promote irritation and other skin problems frequently.
If you have oily skin, it is recommended to opt for a gel or foam formula that oil dissolves makeup and excess oil, but do not attack the skin ‘s natural protective barrier. This type of liquid soap is recommended especially for people who treat their acne with topical medications, as it does not interfere with substance treatment.
A normal skin with rare episodes of acne and rashes can be effectively cleaned with liquid soap it contains salicylic acid to unclog pores very effectively. For dry or sensitive skin, it is recommended creamy liquid soap or fluid consistency that deeply hydrates while it cleans.

Tips for proper for cleansing face

Many skin problems faced by patients are caused by improper care ritual. After choosing the best cleaning product, depending on skin type and needs, there are other aspects to consider, for satisfactory results.

  • Cleansing face with water.

Hot water dries out the skin excessively, which is why dermatologists recommend using hot water that does not cause aggression against cutaneous tissue. Finally, rinse with cold water helps close pores.

  • Use for  cleansing face an exfoliating product.

Dead cells that suffocate the pores, combined with dirt, sebum and makeup residues (as applicable), so it is necessary and using an exfoliating product with gentle action, which gently remove dead skin tissue. Scruburile the recommended ball polyethylene granules or sodium tetraborate decahydrate.

  • Use the correct movements for cleansing face.

In the proper cleaning of the face must be avoided friction movements pressed, that do nothing to promote the installation of irritation and acne breakouts expand, if they exist. Circular motion, according to press sufficient for optimal cleaning of the skin.

  • Using eye makeup remover.

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and can be damaged when in contact with soap. For this reason, it is preferable to use a cleanser to clean this area without other additions, which could cause irritation or dehydration.

  • Deciphering correct terms on product labels.

The term hypoallergenic refers to a product that will not cause allergic reactions. Word noncomedogenic refers to the product properties not clog pores, a great advantage for prone skin eruptions. When the label appears term oil-free product is specifically designed for oily skin, decreasing the risk of pimples and other problems associated with excess sebum.

  • Avoid using too many products at the same time for cleansing face.

While cleaning products are needed and nurtured a healthy skin, use them simultaneously and in large numbers can make your skin more harm than good. A study conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology says that the average woman uses at least seven daily care products, among which include gels, moisturizers, sun lotion and makeup products.

  • Use lotion tonic for cleansing face.

Every morning, after washing your skin with soap and water right, clean it with a toner. In this way, you effectively removes sebum leaving skin surface during the night, so skin is perfectly clean throughout the day.

  • Skin Care mature and dehydrated.

For mature and dry skin, I recommend using a gentle cleansing milk rich in nutrients. Are best antiaging skin products that clean and also nourish the skin with essential nutrients.

Ideal for cleansing your face product: solid or liquid soap?

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