Common sources of holidays depression

Common sources of holidays depression

Common sources of  holidays depression. Depressive holidays are common problems faced by adults, although this time of year is traditionally associated with parties and good will.For a significant number of people, the holidays come bundled with sadness, melancholy, loneliness or anxiety.
Holiday sources of depression can be diverse, ranging from stress, fatigue, and unrealistic, to financial pressures and poor relationships with others.

Holidays depression
All living things react to seasonal transitions , showing changes in mood and behavior. The same phenomenon happens in humans when sun exposure is more limited.
Holiday depression may be a reaction to stress agents seasonal , but not only that this problem can be triggered by seasonal affective disorder (appears and reappears fall and winter ) and other external factors that are related to lifestyle .
Fulfillment of obligations related to shopping , parties, family commitments , receiving guests and their maintenance can contribute greatly to the development of tension and feeling overwhelmed . People who experience depression can have symptoms such as holidays

Besides all these symptoms can occur crises crying , mood swings , irritability sharp , impaired concentration , muscle pain , loss of libido, insomnia , low activity or weight gain ( because of compulsive eating ) .

Common causes of holiday depression
To effectively combat holiday depression symptoms, causes must be identified causing these problems.

Family Obligations
A widespread source of stress, anxiety and depression holiday consists of family obligations . The pressure to attend family gatherings with participants hostile conflicts between relatives, unpleasant memories of similar events etc. . may induce a negative psychological state , which eventually degenerates into depression .
A solution in this case is to design how to organize a meeting in positive terms (to be good) , scheduling the visit time limit ( for psychological comfort of being able to leave home at will ) etc. .

Over- commercialization of the holiday
The abundance of traditional decorations , presents many red bows , food and sweets bought in excess and other similar marketing events celebrations turned into a angst for many families . Excesses of all kinds consume unnecessary budget , time and human energy .
The good news is you do not have to align modern world trend of falling victim traders perfect . You can turn your holidays in perfect moments to spend quality family time when only children receive gifts they want simple and original traditions are respected and ostentation is avoided at all costs.

Overuse of various parts
Taking too many commitments for the holidays, just to please everyone , inevitably lead to a mental imbalance during this period. Learn to say no invitations you do not want to honor them and the tasks that they can perform . You do not have to justify your position , as commitment to self , is to remain in good spirits , is more important than anything.
The same is true for other specific tasks holidays, such as preparing meals , cleaning the house , receiving guests , etc. . Seek the help of others, fair share responsibilities and asked guests complete holiday menu with dessert or salad.

Financial worries
Love , affection or respect does not show the amount spent on a gift for the holidays. Financial worries are a source of depression prevalent in this period , although not characterize materials attentions Christmas spirit and joy of moving into the New Year .
Instead of technological devices , expensive watches and gold jewelry , you can buy your loved ones cards , small gifts personalized greeting cards with a sincere or a ticket to a play . Discover the charm and value of spiritual gifts that promote family attitude ultimately , perceptions of others will change in a much healthier direction .

Unrealistic expectations
Life is chaotic and overwhelming overworked throughout the year , including holidays. And the pressure to organize the most successful and most memorable Christmas Eve can amplify feelings of anxiety, helplessness and even despair. Therefore, holidays joy turns actually in agony.
The best way to not fall victim to unrealistic expectations is giving up perfectionism . Not all cakes need to be made in the house, no one would notice that a room of the house is decorated and festive Santa does not have to go to all the relatives , but only under tree children.

Support the daily rhythm is quite demanding , and when it is added and other liabilities ( shopping, organizing parties , decorating the house for the holidays etc. . ) Can install tiredness .
For this reason , not only need a thorough prior planning of all duties and obligations , but also grant some moments of relaxation, physical and mental rebalancing . Only 15 minutes of pleasant reading , listening to music or meditation can do wonders .

Food Abuse
Although holiday feast is meant to bring people joy and pleasure in life when festive preparations are consumed in excess , the effect is the opposite. Food and alcohol abuse induce a strong physiological and psychological discomfort that may materialize in depression . On the other hand , moderation during the holidays only bring positive consequences .

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