Ears, care and prevention of common diseases

The ears are often common anatomical parts neglected, or not show cause discomfort and hearing disorders.
However, how care is essential to prevent diseases of the ears, the wax plugs to potentially dangerous infections.Effective for cleaning earwax
Ear sticks can be used to remove impurities from the surface of the lobe, but once inserted into the ear canal, they will push a plug and possibly more in the direction of the eardrum.
Warm water allowed to flow over the ears and head leaning to one side in the shower is the most effective and safe cleaning method.
Ear has the smallest bones of the body
The three middle ear bones, the hammer, anvil and stirrup-are those that transmit energy produced by vibrations of air from the eardrum to the inner ear.
Candle wax technique is ineffective and dangerous
Technique that ear plugs are removed using wax candles per share of absorption (the chimney effect) is an inefficient practice, even dangerous, causing burns, occlusion of the ear canal, eardrum perforation and infection level.
Flying airplane banned during cold
I feel pressure on the ears during the flight by plane can be extremely dangerous if the auditory organs are full of liquid formed because of a cold in the head.
While you try to adjust ear pressure, fluid congestion will spread like a implosion, leading to breakage eardrum.
Ear pain may indicate dysfunction of other organs
Ear pain can indicate conditions that are not necessarily related to the hearing organ, indicating the disease in any part of the body, from neck to belly. Responsible for this is the vagus nerve, which starts from the brain and crosses the ear, nose and esophagus to reach the stomach.

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