Foods that can be harmful

Foods that can be harmful

Contamination of food with various substances causes illness for millions of people each year.
Most often contaminated fruits and vegetables that are not washed thoroughly before consumption, but other foods are at risk.Foods that can harm

  • Melon – melon can be infected with Listeria, which is particularly dangerous, with quite serious manifestations, especially in pregnant women. Listeria lives in soil and infect melon both inside and outside. In addition, Listeria survive and even multiply at low temperatures (such as those in the fridge).
  • Spinach and other green leafy vegetables – Some of the most commonly contaminated foods are leafy green. This is believed to be the cause of numerous diseases.

The problem is that often dark green leafy vegetables are eaten raw. Sometimes their contamination occurs even inside the house. Make sure you do not wash raw vegetables and meat in the same container or the same utensils and do not keep them in the same place in the refrigerator. In addition, before use, wash and rinse well as leaves of spinach, lettuce and other vegetables that you eat raw.

  • Eggs and Salmonella – Eggs are most commonly contaminated with salmonella. Most often, Salmonella infects the ovaries of hens that make eggs. The best way to protect against salmonella is to cook the eggs, so they are not eaten soft.
  • Toxins in tone – tone biggest problem is the amount of mercury that may be present in it, but toxin called scombrotoxina. This may increase meat tuna fish if not kept cold after being captured. Unfortunately, the toxin can not be destroyed even after boiling. Symptoms include headache, nausea and palpitations. However, most people infected with scombrotoxina not need treatment.
  • Tomatoes and Salmonella – Salmonella can penetrate inside a tomato plant through the root system. Tomatoes may be contaminated with bacteria or norovirus through cracks in its shell during handling or due to improper preparation in terms of restaurants. Once the tomatoes have been infected, the only way to avoid food poisoning is vegetable cooking at high temperatures.
  • Ciclosporii of berries – These are parasites that come from eggs of a parasite that contaminates food. Were found mostly in berries. Carefully wash berries before you eat.
  • Ice cream and soft cheeses – Following pasteurization process, many of the bacteria that cause various types of diseases are destroyed. However, not all foods are pasteurized.

Ice may be contaminated with salmonella and staphylococcus bacteria. If soft cheeses such as feta, brie or camembert, there are 20% higher probability of being present listeria. Hard cheeses such as cheddar and Asiago are usually pasteurized and can be consumed safely, even by pregnant women.

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