How much is normal to gain weight during pregnancy

A balanced diet helps to ensure the nutrients your baby needs to evolve, but the theory of “eating for two” is outdated, not for aesthetic reasons but for reasons related to health: too many extra pounds can create problems during pregnancy and birth can be difficult. Prenatal vitamins specifically designed for this period compensates gaps in the diet and are recommended for all pregnant women, including women, due to excess pounds are forced to watch your diet during pregnancy.
Nutritionists have calculated that a pregnant woman needs 300 calories per day in addition to the calories you consume before. This leads to an increase in normal weight should be, on average, at least 14 kg by the end of pregnancy.
The 14 kg are the fetus, which comes generally from 3.5 kg, the uterus which grows and reaches a weight of 1 kg, the mammary glands to increase in size to prepare for lactation and can add your weight minimum one kilogram in addition, the amniotic fluid in which the baby grows and which protects it from shocks, an additional 1.5 kg of blood fat accumulated in pregnancy, about 3.5 kg of body fluids retained, at least 1, 5 kg.
If your weight before pregnancy was below average, it is possible to gain weight more naturally. If before pregnancy have a few extra pounds, then you have to be careful not to gain weight over 10 kg. However, it is strictly forbidden to keep a diet if your doctor you do not require this.

Why risk a overweight pregnant?

Women who have extra pounds after pregnancy risk more than others, different complications during pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia (occurs after the 20th week of pregnancy and is manifested by high blood pressure, edema, diffuse) or eclampsia (hypertension, presence of excess protein in the urine and swelling, headache, dizziness, zbarnaituri ears, and a pain visual lightning “in bar” at stomach height.
Finally comes the actual eclampsia, similar to an epileptic seizure: loss of consciousness, limb stiffness followed by convulsions). In addition, the risk of perinatal death is even greater as body mass index (BMI) is greater. Also after cesarean, these women risk more often than those with normal weight membrane inflammation and infection of the uterine venous Thrombosis appearance in legs and pelvic organs. In these cases, women have too much weight during pregnancy or if excessive fat, it requires careful follow diet. Because this was not in any way affect child development should use prenatal vitamins and minerals.

Weight gained during pregnancy melt itself after birth. Therefore, you should not worry about weight. Keep in mind the fact that you get to those extra pounds during the 9 months and your body will need an average of 6 months had to return to the previous weight.

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