How to lift heavy things without causing back problems?

In order to avoid back problems there are some tips you should follow:

  • Examine the object: try to move it with your foot, check if there are fragile spots, if is slippery. Do you need help of another person or a special device to lift it?
  • Clear the path to the place you want to move the item. Be aware of the uneven floor, stairs and doors. Remove the objects you find on the floor to avoid tripping over and falling down.
  • Now is time to lift the object. Stand close to it, with your legs shoulder-width apart, bend your knees, keep your back straight and look straight ahead. You should not use your back, but your buttocks muscles and legs. The heavier is the object, the lower distance should be between you and it. If the object should be raised to a greater height, you might want to ask someone for help or to use special tools for this. Lifting objects above the chest creates heavy back problems. Get holds of the object trying not to drop it and start to lift it together with your body, pushing on your heels.
  • Start moving to the place you reserved for the item. Take small steps, keeping your knees bended and your sight forward. All this time you have to take small breaths so that you won’t get dizzy from the effort.
  • Put down the object by using the same position from the lifting. Don’t use your back muscles and keep your back straight. Put down the item slowly.


It is forbidden:

  • To lift weights with your legs too close to one another.
  • To lift weights with your knees straight and the back bend.
  • To lift or carry uneven weights.
  • To carry weights too big for you.
  • To lift heavy objects immediately one after another.
  • To lift something heavy above your head, keeping your neck and back bended.

Lift heavy things without causing back problems
It is recommended:

  • To place your feet in a position at shoulder-width apart or one in front and the another one in the back (like taking a big step). 
  • To bend keeping your chest in front and your buttocks strongly tense.
  • To make a small workout before lifting weights, especially after a relaxing period. Also, don’t forget to make some exercises also at the end.
  • To keep the weight balanced between the left and right side.
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