How to prevent the occurrence of cancer

We live in a world where the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat can be factors that could contribute to the onset of various cancers. We are inevitably exposed to many potentially carcinogenic substances while we perform our daily activities.

Even if you cannot make too many drastic measures to improve air quality, but many of the things we need and we use every day, because they help maintain good health, there are ways you can improve environment in which you live, and by which you can avoid or reduce contact with carcinogens.

How to protect you from substances you find in your house that could trigger cancer

Air fresheners – most air fresheners that smell change in your home contain naphthalene and formaldehyde which will negatively affect your health are promoted trade various kinds of products not only for air fresheners in the bathroom and kitchen, but also to improve the smell in wardrobes or carpets. If you want your house to smell nice, try to use natural flavors such as zeolite or essential oils. Choose products with natural oils, beeswax, incense and various types of plants or dried.

Works of art Рthose containing adhesives, cement, acrylic paint and solvents and even permanent maker  often contain carcinogens.

Automotive supplies – many of these are toxic. Therefore, to be kept safely in the house, out of reach of family members and after using them or when no longer be used, discard the remaining containers in a special hazardous waste. In addition, in the garage or laundry there is a tendency to accumulate various types of cancer-causing substances. Automotive fluids and detergents contain toxic chemicals that are very dangerous for both humans and animals.

Candles – Avoid scented paraffin candles that can damage health. Would be preferable to contain beeswax candles and have cotton wicks. This will be quite less harmful.

Household Cleaning – their composition can be potentially carcinogenic substances such as formaldehyde, nitrobenzene, methylene chloride and naphthalene, and other harmful substances. All this can cause damage to the liver, kidneys, brain, allergies and asthma. Replace them all with organic products, non – toxic.

Products for removing fleas, lice and ticks – Avoid substances that contain lindane. It can affect the health of the liver and kidneys, and nervous system. In addition, it is a substance that can contribute to cancer. Products can have negative effects including domestic animals are treated with them against fleas and ticks.

Microwave – Never put food in heated or cooked in the microwave in a plastic container. In this way they will release the plastic container walls substances that will damage your health and can be carcinogenic.

Dry cleaning – try not to clean clothes or carpets to dry cleaning using chemicals. In their composition could be harmful to health perchlorethylene. Looking for a cleaner that uses cleaning substances with citric acid based organic cleaners.

Teflon pan – Teflon pans are coated with a coating that releases perfluorooctanoic acid and other compounds but perfluorinated. When heated, they release toxins that may accumulate in the blood and can trigger over time a number of chronic diseases and cancer. It is therefore advisable to choose ceramic or glass dishes for cooking.

Eat healthy – food indicated that you would be composed of organic foods that do not contain pesticides, as these substances have been associated with cancer. Also, after studies confirmed that excessive consumption of protein may have a role in increasing the likelihood that a person manifest cancer. Replace protein with healthy fats, which have a high quality, such as avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts and eggs.

Avoid using personal care products that contain harmful substances – many of the chemicals used in personal care products composition are known to be toxic. These include parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, hydroquinone, nano particles, formaldehyde and formaldehyde producing ingredients. Read the prospectus carefully these products before you buy and try to use them especially the bio.

Avoid eating foods and drinks in plastic bottles and cans – Bisphenol A is a chemical widely used in plastic food containers and packaging, and the material they are made of cans. The use of bisphenol A is so pervasive that in some studies it was found that over 90 % of the test subjects had dangerous levels of bisphenol A in their bodies that can contribute to the onset of cancer.

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