How to wake up easier in the morning

Many people set their alarm clock with serious intentions is knowing that when you need to wake up.
But when the alarm sounded, waking up is postponed until many of the activities that should be conducted throughout the day are compromised.

Ways that you can wake up in the morning easier

Be motivated – If you accountable and motivated you can wake up easier in the morning. It is essential to know what to do the next day. After you have set plans for the day, share them for the accountability partner to be more increased. Responsibility will have the same effect as an alarm clock.
Observe daily recreation program – if you are deprived of sleep every day, you probably will not be able to know how much rest he needs, in fact, your body A lack of regular hours of sleep the body will not make specific changes in anticipation interval that should sleep, such as those related to regulating body temperature, heart rate or blood melatonin secreted. All these phenomena occur if you go to bed at regular hours and reached a peak at around 3-4 am. After these hours the body is involved in a process of gradual awakening.
Try using melatonin supplements – The body normally produces melatonin to trigger sleepiness. You can use melatonin supplements in order to re-educate the body for sleep. Try to take small doses of five to six hours before bedtime for several days. When melatonin will take effect should sleep will be faster and easier to wake up in the morning. Melatonin works pretty well with most types of sleep disorders and may even lead to drowsiness in some situations. People who suffer from autoimmune diseases, diabetes, those who use birth control pills, blood thinners, sedatives or certain types of drugs to regulate blood pressure should not take melatonin without talking with a health professional.
Relax before bedtime – Avoid to spend time in front of screens (tv, laptop, etc.). Before bed if you want to have a restful sleep. It would be advisable to have a relaxing routine before bedtime. Take a warm bath with herbs, drink a glass of milk and listen to soft music.
Adjust the light in the room where you sleep – light shining on the TV will prevent you from sleeping. Same effect will have another source of light such as sunlight or strong artificial light. Your body produces less melatonin is stimulated by darkness and heavy sleep will install. If you sleep late you will be more difficult to wake up in the morning with ease. Also, to awaken in the early morning immediately, pull blinds and let the sunlight to enter the room. You will notice that soon you will not be asleep. Would be useful and light alarm clock that gradually increase the amount of light in the room to simulate sunrise.
Reorganize your program tonight – To figure out what program interferes with sleep and keeps you awaken in the morning light, try to evaluate how you spend your evenings. You may need to rearrange some of the activities. For example, if you have to work at home or get to the gym just after dinner, you should change this habit. You can do these activities early in the morning. Avoid overwork and insufficient sleep if you want to wake up in the morning without problems. Go to bed when you feel tired and wake up every day at the same time. The body will be more rested in this way and will be easier to get up out of bed when the alarm goes off.
Do not delay awakening – morning, even if you are tempted to put off waking up when the alarm goes off, do not do this. Put another over the alarm clock in the bedroom end be forced to get up to turn it off. Consider a second alarm to wake up when you get up with difficulty. Set a pretty loud bell or one that does not even agreed not to be forced to stop quickly. Not a good solution to delay awakening, not even 5 minutes. Get up out of bed as soon as you open your eyes. A final alternative is to partner asked another family member to wake up in the morning.
Do not change sleep schedule on weekends – even if you feel as tired as during the week, try to go to sleep at weekends and in the same time slot in which you do during the week. Keeping a consistent bed time will contribute to a more restful sleep. In addition, you will be able to wake up easier in the morning.
Keep a journal of your habits over a week – write in a journal when human have more energy in the first part of the morning, what you did the day before, when you were more drowsy and you wake up more difficult morning, what activities you performed the previous day This way you will be able to tell if there are activities that will disturb rest constantly and because of which you wake up in the morning quite.
Rule of 90 minutes – probably have all heard that you need to be rested eight hours of sleep. This theory is contrary to the researchers discovered that specifies that sleep cycles are installed at intervals of 90 minutes. REM sleep will be separated by 90 minutes of non-REM sleep. Therefore it is best that the period of sleep where you sleep to be a multiple of 90.
Drink a glass of water before bed – If you need to urinate excruciating not get out of bed, you have trouble waking up. Drink a glass of water before going at bedtime and you’ll wake up naturally before. It would be advisable to drink more, though.
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