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How to manage nocturnal cough

Nocturnal cough are among the common causes of sleep disorders, leading to chronic daytime fatigue installation.

If you experience this problem currently, the reasons behind cough are most likely exposure to irritants to the respiratory system, such as cigarette smoke, chemicals or allergens in the home.

Fortunately, there are several effective methods by which to control nocturnal cough and enjoy a restful, uninterrupted sleep.

How persistent cough

Although perceived as a symptom of disease, coughing is actually a natural defense mechanism against various diseases Cough, body eliminate mucus, microbes and foreign particles from the respiratory system, thus protecting the lungs from inflammation and infection

A cough begins with a deep sigh that suck air deep into the lungs. Then the glottis ( the narrowest portion of the larynx ) closes, blocking the flow of air from the trachea Follow triggering a strong contractions of the back muscles, abdominals and diaphragm, which normally easily push air from the lungs to the nose and mouth.

But when the glottis is closed, the air can not be exhaled, forming strong pressure in the airways Finally, the glottis opens and air is expelled quickly When this process intensifies, the air travels near the speed of light, sound defending specific cough.

Coughing can be both a conscious act, and an involuntary and uncontrollable reflex In the second case, the stimulation of the nerves of the larynx and respiratory tract triggers the entire process These nerves can be irritated by infections, allergies, cold air, tumors, chemical agents, mechanical factors ( dust, for example ) or bodily fluids such as nasal mucus or gastric acid

Why cough gets worse at night

Cough tends to worsen at night, significantly affecting the quality of sleep and overall mood the next day. There are several reasons that explain the occurrence of nocturnal cough, raised by medical experts


Gravity is the first trigger nocturnal cough When the body is lying down, it triggers the reflex movement amid gastrointestinal mucus in the airways The most effective way to prevent pertussis is to support the effects of gravity on the upper torso on a cushion so the neck and chest to be in an upright position In this way, it prevents the accumulation of mucus in back of throat and cough stimulation

Dry air inside

Too dry air can aggravate already installed irritation of the nose and throat, which stimulates nocturnal cough A solution can be installed in case a room humidifier, providing a correct maintenance of the device. If the water used is not sterile, germs can get into the air we breathe and subsequent respiratory system and aggravate pre-existing sensitivity

Nasal congestion

Nocturnal cough reflex occurs and nasal congestion due to the installation, the way the body to release mucus lungs and airways

How to get rid of nocturnal cough

Some measures taken before bed can be helpful in controlling nocturnal cough, especially if it is not flu and cold symptoms but is caused by other reasons.

Exposure to steam

A hot shower or bath before bed or spending at least a quarter of an hour in a room flooded with steam is a form of nocturnal cough symptom improvement Mucus is a viscous fluid by exposure to steam by cleaning the airways.

But attention to the causes which produce nocturnal cough if you suffer from asthma, the fumes can exacerbate the discomfort !

Tea with honey

How to get rid of nocturnal cough

A cup of hot tea, sweetened with honey, can function as a real remedy for nocturnal coughing Any warm liquid stimulates the flow of mucus from the airways, and honey has many beneficial properties antimicrobial, antibacterial, healing, depurative, cardiac glycosides, and emollients

Sleep position

Sleep position is defining the onset of nocturnal cough When the head is geared lower than the rest of the body secretions and mucus postnazale irritated throat Besides high resting on a pillow, you can also resort to another trick effectively positioned bricks or other hard objects under the bed, near the head, how to raise it about 10 inches from the ground In this way, not stomach acid travels in the esophagus and not irritate sensitive neck.

Checking the air humidity

While dry air can aggravate persistent nocturnal cough, too much humidity in the room to rest can have the same effect Dust mites and mold, both common allergens multiply in moist air Experts recommend to keep the air humidity at 40 % -50 %

Training space for recreation

Prepare, preventive, emergency crises few solutions cough during the night for a glass of water, syrup or lozenges to soothe coughs and everything else will usually help to stop disturbing symptoms If you do not intervene, the cough continues to worsen irritation in the throat, causing the problem to catch proportions and older

Sanitation bedding

If you suffer from an allergy, nocturnal cough may be caused by contact with the mites find in textile fibers of the sheets of the bed. To remove them, you need to wash linens weekly high temperatures and coated mattress and pillow covers plastic.

Proper hydration

Make sure your fluids enough during the day and after dinner, as fluids help liquefy mucus and facilitate its removal

Cough medicine

See your doctor and ask him what kind of medicine would help get rid of nocturnal cough is an expectorant for mucus or a cough suppressant which reduces unpleasant sensations and cough reflex

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