Mobile phones can cause cancer

Mobile phones can cause cancer?

Mobile phones have been associated in recent years with increased risk of brain cancer or cancer installation throat, without being brought up now conclusive evidence in this regard. In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified mobile communication devices among the possible causes of cancer.
Studies conducted in this tip the balance, rather, the safety of using mobile phones.

Theories about cancer caused by cell phones

The reason for that were born different theories about increased cancer risk amid frequent use of mobile phones is direct exposure of the head region in these devices.
How mobile phones are used ( by keeping them close to the skull ) feeds the assumption that they would contribute to the formation of brain tumors or throat . These include benign and malignant tumors in the brain , benign tumors of the auditory nerve and salivary gland tumors .
Main concerns targeting the use of mobile phones and increased risk of cancer following factors are included hypothetical :

  • Radio waves emitted by cell phones are a form of radiation , not strong enough to cause health problems, but sufficiently relevant to the long-term effects to be studied carefully by scientists .
  • Share of population using mobile phones increased thundering late twentieth century to the present. The period of time that the popularity of these devices has caught proportions is still too limited to draw certain conclusions about possible side effects .
  • Some studies suggest a direct link between prolonged exposure to mobile phone radiation and the development of benign or malignant tumors . A Swedish research results obtained suggest that the increase of the risk of benign tumors of the head and neck , after 10 years of cell phone use . Another European study talks about the increased chances of developing tumors on the head most often exposed to mobile phone.

Experts are worried , in particular, the possible side effects of using mobile phones among children and adolescents , whose brains are still developing and they will , at some point , a much longer period of exposure to the radiation unlike adults who were put under observation until now .
The conclusions, in this case , can be drawn by scientists over at least 40-50 years of research .

Preventing cancer associated with wireless phone use

Since the real risks of using mobile phones in relation to health are still uncertain, experts recommend adopting some precautions

  • Reduce duration of cell phone conversations and use hands free headphones often so the device antenna to be as far from the head. 
  • Check the rate of absorption of radiation before buying a mobile phone, which will show the extent of radiation exposure during use (not to exceed 1.6 W); 
  • Do not sleep with your cell phone positioned very close to the head (her bedside, for example); 
  • Reduce as much as possible during your child uses a mobile phone;
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