personalized diet benefits

Personalized diet benefits

Diet therapy has been writing about and there is various information on how and how long to follow a certain diet (be it about detoxification, weight loss, weight gain, and so on).
Perhaps few patients know that for almost every disease you can follow a diet that, besides physical and energetic balance, herbal therapy, reflexology, and so on, can help patients on the road to healing.
More and more people are interested in adopting a healthy lifestyle, which involves proper nutrition, balanced to provide energy (not to eat), which we feed the body (without the,, alleyways” of toxins), to help us be healthy tonic.

The Custom diet therapy
What I recommend as quality at the expense of quantity. If doctors nutritionists emphasize calories, it might be better to focus more on what type of food that your body and try to supply a good quality food.
Over the years there have been different, the dietary adaptations of” Current: blood type, sign, temperament, type of food (dissociated, Dukan, Oshawa, and so on), geographical areas (Mediterranean), and so on, all just watching objective, irrespective of the patient’s physical and mental condition of comorbidities (diseases related) allergies / intolerances, profession, age, etc.. Some, there are now trying to establish itself in one way or another.
On the opposite side they are, diet convent” adopted by many monks and which is characterized by simplicity, parsimony and especially by helping to purify and energize. There are reports that, best not we schedule a day of vegetables, fruit each other cereals, etc.. and eat one type of food at a meal (so get rid of obsession association) and preferably raw (raw water).
What is less known is the fact that we live in an inflammatory condition latency / out” as a distinguished professor of medicine called functional. And a holistic approach that would explain inflammation involving an impaired capacity liver detoxification, digestive disorders, increased oxidative stress, excess free radicals, altered neuroendocrine and immune system.

Would be important to remember that not suppressed inflammatory response because:

  • this is a defensive reaction to any aggression from the outside;
  • Inflammation is a process not exceptional, exceptional is time;
  • any such inflammation can be controlled by diet and / or phytotherapy.

When it comes to diets, it is important to know the type adiposity:

  • Central – Metabolic – difficult to treat only low-calorie diet;
  • peripheral – respond well to a diet based mostly on vegetables and calcium-rich foods;

Mixed – containing multiple endocrine dysfunction (pancreatic, thyroid, and so on).
A diet adapted to their needs will take into account: patient age, sex, profession, psycho-emotional status, chronobiology food, season, intolerances / allergies, food energy, in terms of genetic predisposition, other associated diseases.
Many conditions can be treated only by diet therapy: obesity, acne, constipation, CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), irritable bowel syndrome, fatty liver.
It’s time for change! Learn to feed ourselves – to harmonize colors, flavors, food, constantly varying ingredients. Learn to eat, to appreciate food and makes it to the body, to enjoy food, to focus only on the act of eating (not to speak or think of something else during the meal).
Tube to give it to him the message that we care about, what I offer as food and especially the effects. If you think you deserve such a diet, I propose to try to apply

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