Treatment of anxiety and panic attacks acupuncture

Treatment of anxiety and panic attacks with acupuncture

Both anxiety and panic attacks are a problem frequently encountered nowadays. Traditional medical system usually does not find organic substrate of these disorders (nothing comes from analysis) and patients often arrive at the psychiatrist.Although there are psychiatric medications for these disorders, patients often seek alternative because the side effects are plentiful, unpleasant and even dangerous to patient health.
Acupuncture is a good alternative for addressing them is interested to reach deeper causes of problems, and the system is based on helping the body heal itself, thus avoiding altogether any side effects.
Moreover, acupuncture is a holistic approach, that is diagnosed and treated the patient as a whole at the end of patient treatment and resolving other problems besides anxiety and panic attacks.

Causes and diagnosis of medical perspective
Anxiety accompanied by physical symptoms usually go directly to a psychiatrist or psychotherapist without necessarily reaching internal medicine doctor. Patients with panic disorder may halt but more on the doctor than those with anxiety.
Patient journey panic attacks at various hospitals and doctors is often frustrating and generating fear itself because the conclusions are rather than what the patient has discovered about specific diseases and analyzes patient will receive information about the cause ‘s problems.
Often the diagnosis of panic disorder is poorly made. Panic attacks “real” is manifested by fear, fear, panic acute and are accompanied by various other physical symptoms such as palpitations, sweating, hot flashes, nausea, dizziness, etc..
It often happens, however, that the diagnosis be made for patients who have only physical symptoms but have no fear. The only fear unrest could be attributed not know who these symptoms and what they mean.
In a real panic attack, fear is without question. A wrong diagnosis of panic attack because fear has well defined, real and appropriate to the situation (fear that the symptoms are severe, for example – normal reaction to any patient who is scared that he’s sick).
In general, however, the allopathic doctors do not care if fear is present or not, appropriate or not, but if it’s something more serious. Are the investigations and not find any relevant issues at the physical level, at which allopathic doctor refer you to a psychologist / psychiatrist because he is not in the emotional sphere.
Why the diagnosis of panic disorder is frequently made mistake is that the allopathic doctor makes no difference whether the patient is truly panic attacks (because emotional problem manifested in physical) or is actually a neuro-vegetative syndrome ( dysfunction in the control system of organ functions without affecting emotional) because in both cases the patient’s competence.

Causes and diagnosis of acupuncture perspective
In acupuncture to make a detailed diagnosis of simptomleor both physical (even if they have no apparent connection with the problem that came patient) and those emotional. Styles of acupuncture-trained acupuncturists who deepen emotional side will choose to go deeper into things, looking for that emotional cause these symptoms.
Any good acupuncturist will be interested in energetic imbalances that lead to anxiety, panic attacks and adjacent to the entire suite of symptoms. In addition, acupunctorul will put many questions about lifestyle, about various symptoms that the patient may not have given much attention to them and will also take the pulse of the patient (traditional Chinese method of diagnosis, different from the western way in which pulse is taken on both hands in different positions and analyzes energy state bodies).
It will also examine the patient’s language (which will be analyzed shape, volume, color, film, notches, dots, sublingual veins, etc. – which also describes the state power bodies and the length of time there are various imbalances).
Finally, acupunctorul will put all the information together and will establish a diagnostic strategy to address all imbalances present, not just those that generate unpleasant symptoms for the patient. Besides the fact that it can solve various symptoms accompanying anxiety or panic attacks, the reality of acupuncture is that many symptoms can have common causes or treating because it treats all its manifestations.
Causes anxiety or panic attacks fall into two categories. The first is a serious energy imbalance without direct emotional causes. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, each organ has a corresponding emotional range. For example, a kidney imbalance can cause fear, it’s the proper emotion, while a liver can lead to anger, frustration, etc..
This is the case simply because the problem is a simple energy imbalance, and that once corrected with acupuncture, pathological emotion disappears alone, without the need for the patient to do another treatment.
In more complex cases (most unfortunately), there is a deeper emotional cause, which only affected the body’s energy balance is not enough. The reason is that the body suffers first appeared as a strong emotion, which is due to imbalance or.
In these cases, the therapist enters into a dialogue with the patient in trying to identify when the problem occurred and the circumstances surrounding emotional, following that on this basis to make a treatment strategy on an emotional level. It may seem surprising, but acupuncture points have no effect only physically but are very powerful and emotional.

Treatment with acupuncture
Depending on the cause determined at diagnosis, acupuncture treatment will vary in complexity and therapeutic targets. In simple cases where the cause is an energetic imbalances, the treatment will be to resolve those imbalances, a process that will bring about an improvement in various symptoms and physical. The patient will begin to feel better relatively quickly and the treatment will be shorter than in cases of emotional causes.
In more complex cases, panic attacks or anxiety are just the tip of the iceberg. To a careful and thorough diagnosis will come out a long history of emotional problems (or sometimes a single powerful traumatic episode) problems that classically partially or completely suppress the patient, reason and panic attacks occur.
Patient usually connects his emotional problems and panic attacks because of his problems may be on a different spectrum (like problems in your relationship or sadness in the loss of someone close, etc.) that do not involve fear or anxiety.
The reason is that in these cases, the subconscious acts as a buffer, taking the brunt of the trauma it when it occurs, so that the patient can still work. In those moments suppression of emotions is constructive. The problem is that long-term suppression of emotions is both a cause of disease and a cause of unhappiness, because the patient wears bag problems after it, without giving it away, and in more difficult cases not realize how big this bag!
When the subconscious is approaching the limit of its ability also store unprocessed emotions, begins to show on the outside. There are two ways to “kick” is about emotional one, and here the most common way is by externalizing panic attacks, and the other is by autoimmune diseases because they are nothing more than the physical materialization in conflict interior – body attack itself.
Acupuncture treatment strategy follows a surgeon: to remove pus emotionally. It is very important that the patient understand the mechanism of occurrence of problems that can understand treatment strategy as in the first phase after treatment, the patient will come in contact with feelings inside or they repressed, and these states not at all pleasant.
Processing (awareness) but these emotions is the only way to remove them from the system. The patient must understand that as an abscess, the procedure is not pleasant in the first phase, disliking being directly proportional to how busy he is. But the benefits are enormous, because it works directly on the cause, and besides the disappearance of panic attacks or anxiety, the patient feels relieved, liberated, and with the feeling that he was able to complete some painful chapters of his life.

Interference with psychiatric medication
Often patients come already on psychiatric medication with antidepressants, anxiolytics, sleeping pills, etc.. They will continue to take and during treatment with acupuncture until problems have significantly improved since the drugs are removed gradually and under the supervision of the doctor who prescribed the medication.
It often lasts long enough medication treatment strategy because manipulating neurotransmitters in the brain in a way unnatural, therefore generates many side effects (and related energy imbalances), which itself will require treatment. Output length under treatment with psychiatric medication depends on how strong and how many medications are taken.

The duration of treatment and effects
Duration of treatment for simple cases of panic attacks / anxiety may be between 5 and 15 sessions. Here is aimed basically a general energy balance. In cases of emotional etiology duration is significantly higher and can range from 15 to 30-40 sessions. Overall treatment duration is proportional to the complexity of the problem.
Treatment strategy for emotional problems is to alternate sessions “digging deeper” with sessions of “reassurance”. The first is that the core treatment sessions, which are the bulk of the work, but also upside patient.
Obviously therapist will adjust their strategy depending on how the patient wants and can work with itself. Calming sessions are sessions that are aimed rather the effect of “dressing” of acupuncture, emotional comfort immediately. This gives the patient stability and emotional comfort for him to feel comfortable to dig further to solve their problem in depth.

Acupuncture is more than apt to handle patients with problems like anxiety or panic attacks, as well as various other emotional problems, with the advantage of working on the issue. By this it fills a gap in traditional medicine that addresses only the effect, not the cause of these diseases.
The disadvantage is that acupuncture treatment takes longer to occur than positive effects anxiolytic treatment to take effect, and can ransack a first phase the patient, but the advantage is that it does no side effects and the problem solved once not require treatment with anything, including acupuncture.

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