Truth about popcorn

In their natural form, popcorn is a healthy snack indeed. But once the popcorn manufacturers have developed alternative to the microwave, this snack has changed almost total food intake. People annually consume an enormous amount of popcorn, most of the microwave version.Before you include in your menu more popcorn, you should know that the health risks that may result from consumption of popcorn.

What you did not know about popcorn
Plastic packaging. Like many other fast food packaging preparations, popcorn bags are coated with perfluorochemicals, a class of chemicals that is associated with an increased risk of developing certain types of cancer and reproductive system damage. That packaging manufacturers add chemicals to increase resistance to fat pockets, even if these chemicals could be shown to potential triggers of thyroid disease and ADHD. Once ingested, perfluorochemicals remain in the body for a long period of time, another worrying aspect of these chemicals.
Unhealthy flavors. Experts are not only concerned with composition chemicals in popcorn bags. Other harsh chemicals are often added to the popcorn, and other food composition in pre-packaged to fool the taste buds of people. Often these chemicals added to give the impression that the popcorn is fresh.
One of the most toxic chemicals added popcorn is diacetyl – used to give fake popcorn butter flavor. Diacetyl has been associated in rare cases with the occurrence of lung consumers. The researchers found that repeated inhalation of this chemical – diacetyl vapors are released when the flowers are placed in the microwave – has caused severe respiratory failure sensitive consumers.
Genetically modified food ingredients. Such ingredients have never been tested for longer periods of time and not yet known exactly what its effects on health. However, preliminary studies suggest that genetically modified food ingredients can cause digestive disorders, food allergies and even tumors.
You must know that if they are not organic popcorn, oil and flavoring substances used in the production of popcorn for the microwave oven may contain genetically modified ingredients.
Fats industry. Industrial fats such as trans fats are harmful for heart health and were associated with increased risk of reproductive problems such as endometriosis. Manufacturers use these fats for stable storage of their products.
Even if the label popcorn bags is noted that they contain 0% trans fat, you should be more cautious. Any hydrogenated oil used in producing popcorn automatically indicate the presence of trans fats. What is the excuse? International regulations say that the manufacturer is not required to state on the label the presence of trans fat if their percentage is less than 0.5%.

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