How to use sun lotion properly

How to use sun lotion properly. The correct use of solar lotion is the only way you can protect yourself from the danger of premature skin aging and the risk of developing skin cancer.

Dermatologists say there are many patients who do not know how to use this product properly care and decreasing its effectiveness and thus putting their health at risk skin.
Even the quality sunscreen lotion may not serve their purpose, when applied randomly.

When and how often should be applied sun lotion

One of the most common questions asked is whether doctors’ patients Solar lotion morning May continues to take effect throughout the day. Experts say that numerous active compounds of these protective formulas decompose under the effect of direct exposure to sunlight, not over time.
Thus, in a typical day, if you use a sufficient amount of sun lotion in the morning and spend a good deal of time at the office or in another confined space protection will continue until the evening, when you return home.
Things change radically if you spend several hours outdoors. In this situation, it is necessary to reapply the product every two hours, more so if sweating or swimming. If lotion shows a high resistance to water, you can enjoy 80 minutes of protection even if the skin is wet, and if the formula is only water resistant, the time is reduced to 40 minutes.
As sufficient amount of lotion to the entire surface of the body, dermatologists say you should use about 30 grams of cream in each application (how could fill a small glass of alcoholic drinks). This rule is valid for when wearing outfits summaries, such as those suitable for beach or picnic. As the body is more than covered by clothing, the less you need to use lotion.
To cover the face and neck perfectly, you need about a quarter teaspoon of sun lotion. The same applies to cover the chest.
Landmarks amount of sunscreen that should be used in each application can change depending on the texture and formula (cream denser cover large portions of the skin, but a fluid lotion).

How sun lotion must be applied on the skin

Medical experts and researchers confirm the idea that the sun lotion is a very important part of daily skin care ritual and that its effectiveness increases if used with a moisturizing serum rich in antioxidants.

  • Order application. Sunscreen should be applied immediately after moisturizer but before makeup. Wait 20-30 minutes before using makeup, so the lotion to be absorbed completely into the skin and cosmetic products do not interfere with the active compounds of formula sunscreen.
  • Method of application. Try to apply sun lotion by blotting, not rubbing. Movements in the first category ensure uniform distribution of the product and prevent skin irritations. In addition, buffering facilitates complete absorption of the formula.
  • Waiting period before exposure. If you use a lotion solar chemical ingredients, it is best to wait 20-30 minutes after application before you expose UV rays. Formulas based on titanium dioxide and zinc oxide forms a protective layer on the surface immediately cutaneous tissue, so that the waiting period is not required. If sun lotions containing both chemical ingredients and two special active compounds, wait about 15 minutes before exposure.
  • Daily application. Dermatologists say that the daily use of sun lotion should turn into a habit, even on cloudy days or if you do not leave home because UV rays can penetrate clouds and glass with ease. UV rays are present during times when the sun is not visible in the sky. If you use exfoliating products with glycolic acid or retinoids or antibiotics followed, applying sun lotion is especially important because these substances may cause photosensitivity.
  • Clean the skin before bedtime. As makeup removal is mandatory before bed, skin cleansing lotion applied over solar day is also required. In this way, prevent irritation and blockage of pores, two problems that can cause the protective cream on the skin left in the day. To remove sun lotion effectively you need an oil-based cleanser (all agents UV filters are soluble in oil).

Body zone which can be ignored from sun lotion application

If the shoulders, arms, hands and neck are generally body parts that most people cover their sun lotion, there are sensitive areas often neglected.
Behind the knee is a good example of this. I can overlook, especially if you apply sun lotion keeping legs bent. This negligence may expose risk sunburn and other complications since the skin is more sensitive in this region.
The outside of the foot and it must be protected against ultraviolet rays, presenting the same risk of developing skin cancer as well as any other area of ​​the body. Earlobe and he needs protection, being susceptible melanoma installation at any point poe surface. The ear has a complicated structure, but it’s worth a few extra minutes dedicated to the proper application of sun lotion.
Scalp (for people with balding), upper skin of the hands or elbows are other anatomical areas that need protection from the harmful effects of UV rays.

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